15 days practice for IELTS writing Is the book written for the students khổng lồ prepare for IELTS exam in short time with the step by step structure or a plan. These books will be suitable both for Academic as well as General Training test.

Some IELTS learners asked me how lớn polish up IELTS Writing skills in a restricted period of time (15 days). My advice is that you shouldfollow this “15 Days’ Practice for IELTS Writing”Schedule:

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4.8 of 5


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4.8 of 5

Day 1: The IELTS Writing thử nghiệm (Length of Time, chạy thử Format, Marking Criteria, Skills for the Writing Module)Day 2: Mini-Writing PracticeDay 3 – 4: Report Writing – Task 1 (An Introduction khổng lồ Report Writing; The Layout of a Report Passage; Types of Charts; The Structure of a Report Passage; Commonly-Written Expressions, Tenses, and Voice; Skills for Report Writing; Examiners’ Comments on Candidates)

Day 5: Processor Diagram Writing – Task 1 (An Introduction lớn Processor Diagram; The Language Used in a Process; The Organisation of a Process Passage; Steps lớn Write a Process PassageDay 6: Report Writing PracticeDay 7: Essay Writing – Task 2 (An Introduction to Essay Writing; Task Requirements; Skills for Essay WritingDay 8: Opinion and Balanced-Argument (Opinion Essays; Balanced-Argument Essays)Day 9: Discussion EssaysDay 10: Enumerative Essays

Day 11: Skills for Argument Essay WritingDay 12: Sample EssaysDay 13: Essay Writing PracticeDay 14: Countdown to the test (useful statements, writing practices)Day 15: Sample Tests

Take this 15-day practice IELTS Writing Challenge with us now!

IELTS Writing (General) Actual Tests eBook full bộ (July - October 2022)

4.8 of 89 Reviews

Written by professional IELTS teachers to lớn help candidates on the big day


Written by professional IELTS teachers khổng lồ help candidates on the big day


For Ebook to lớn practice IELTS Writing in 15 days, you can tải về here:

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Nafia Zuhana is an experienced content writer and IELTS Trainer. Currently, she is guiding students who are appearing for IELTS General và Academic exams through vietmac.com.vn. With an 8.5 score herself, she trains và provides kiểm tra takers with strategies, tips, & nuances on how lớn crack the IELTS Exam. She holds a degree in Master of Arts – Creative Writing, Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has worked with The Hindu for over a year as an English language trainer.


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Posted onMar 28, 2020

Hi,I am looking for some material for general training in the 4 modules and can i find a speaking partner



Posted onMay 10, 2019

Hi, this is very helpful. Please could you e-mail me the book? My thư điện tử is gmail.com. Thank you


Anteneh Tesfaye

Posted onAug 31, 2018

Hello, Please send me latest IELTS practices tests.



Posted onMay 3, 2018

Hlo,I would like to have a 15 days practice chạy thử for writing, speaking, reading, listening of academic module. Can u please send it in my given email


Dilshod Marupov

Posted onAug 23, 2017

Thank you very much for helping us to improve the way we understand English. Và if it is possible could you chia sẻ the book named 15 Days’ Practice For IELTS Writing For Both Academic and General Training to lớn the . Thank you deeply beforehand!



Posted onJul 31, 2017

Hi, could you send me this one? Thanks very much!


Kruti Sheh

Posted onMar 25, 2017

Hi, I would lượt thích to have a “15 days preparation practice book” of GENERAL modules in writing, reading và speaking with a format of pdf only. And also can I have “Recent actual listening practice tests volume 1 and 2” in zip.

can you send me all these books on my given mail id as per filling details.Thanks for sharing.:)



Posted onMar 3, 2017

Hi there,your site is really helpful for ielts prepration..could you please nội dung more practice materials for general training reading and listening on my id Thanks for sharing


Name (Tesfalem)

Posted onMar 1, 2017

Hallo Dear,

I am very gratefull, if I have a book which tells/advise about/how to vì chưng IELTS Academic writing và reading test. Thank you!



Posted onFeb 27, 2017

hi i am not able to tải về 15 day writing và listining book+ cd , could u please send me the meterial khổng lồ

thank you



Posted onJan 19, 2017

hello can u send it to lớn me as well . I have cambridge ielts books 1-10 only which i have practised



Posted onJan 19, 2017

hello,i want to download barron’s practice book e version but i couldnt find it. Can u help me or send me the links for it plus any help for academic writing will be appreciated as well..thanks. My e-mail id is



Posted onDec 22, 2016

i need material for General training can yo help ?


bincy paul

Posted onDec 13, 2016

i want ielts writing and speaking tests academic module


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