Need CPAs with vision? Look no further.

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We help you see ahead — và prepare for the unknown.

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We’re specialists in accounting … & much more.

We make it our business lớn understand yours.

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Join our team of talented CPAs.

We’ve won eighteen best-place-to-work awards since 2011, including number one for 2020!

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LevitZacks is a firm of dedicated professionals who provide comprehensive tax, accounting, & CPA services — and that’s just the beginning. We also offer a thorough understanding of your industry, và the right services và strategies you need to lớn stay focused on what you bởi best.






At LevitZacks, we’ve been providing clients with comprehensive tax, accounting, and other business advisory services since 1964. Our experienced certified public accountants address your most complex financial challenges so that you can focus on your most pressing objectives.

From government contracting & professional services to lớn real estate & development, we have specialized expertise in a wide array of industries. Additionally, we provide advice on the many financial aspects of running a successful business — from succession planning & program-specific audits khổng lồ business valuations & M&As.
Our shareholders are heavily involved with each client engagement, ensuring that that our dedicated teams provide an ideal fit with each client, as well as unmatched continuity & responsiveness. In addition khổng lồ our certified public accountants, we also have an Accredited Senior Appraiser, Certified Fraud Examiner, & professional forensic specialists on staff — enabling us to lớn handle any type of tax or accounting issue you may face, regardless of complexity.

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In short, we’re prepared to lớn help you not only stay in compliance today, but also maintain your competitive edge moving forward. Khổng lồ begin the conversation, please contact us.