Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the largest word processors in the world. However, most average users are unable khổng lồ afford the software. Office 16’s new features include the ability to access và interact with Microsoft OneDrive sầu files from the lochồng screen, a powerful help and order tìm kiếm tool called “Tell me,” and co-authoring mode for users linked to Office Online. In this guide, you will learn how to lớn activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 or Microsoft Office Standard 2016 in Windows 10 without a hàng hóa key.

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Microsoft Office 2016

The most efficient office package on the market is Microsoft Office năm 2016 Plus, which contains a complete professional package with tư vấn to lớn create, modify, và handle records without any difficulty. It is very familiar và convenient to lớn use the ribbon-based user interface. In addition, in a single tab on the top bar, an extensive phối of tools are structured. A powerful text processor with lots of layouts for various records is provided by MS Word. Handle spreadsheets in Excel, create eye-catching demonstrations, and manage databases with great ease & professionalism.

In addition, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Project, OneNote, SharePoint, Designer, và Visio are included in this highly successful MS Office kit. In order to lớn provide greater performance, the newest May 2018 updates deliver different innovations và improvements. In addition, it offers collaboration features and much more. In conclusion, we can assume that all forms of records are managed by Microsoft in a fully efficient atmosphere.

Features of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

On 9 July 2015, Microsoft launched Office năm nhâm thìn for Mac OS & on 22 September 2015 for Windows OS for all Office 365 subscribers. This is the perfect word processor for both students và professorship.

The premium version of Microsoft Office năm nhâm thìn includes a wide range of interesting features. They include the following:

Wide range of themes lớn choose fromNew, enhanced iconsYou won’t experience any issues when creating documents. The outlook is amazing too.A genuine Microsoft Office năm 2016 hàng hóa key activates the software & all its versions (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc).

Features of Updated Version of Office 2016

In January 2018, Microsoft released the lademo update to Microsoft Office năm 2016 which included the lathử nghiệm edition of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In this version, the lademo features function quickly và efficiently to lớn ensure the best user experience.

Besides the latest features, the tech giant has also enhanced the software’s Data Loss Security (DLP). Users can also tăng cấp their copies for không tính tiền each month. Microsoft revamped the Edge of the different programs within the năm 2016 Microsoft Office suite. A lot of users like how the new interface makes document development simpler for them. And the different programs inside the Office suite run smoothly.

Here are some of the new features:

Create, edit, & open documentsAccess to lớn search toolsAccess online & offline versions of MS OfficeEnhanced user interfaceRetimãng cầu display

How to Activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus năm nhâm thìn without Product Key on Windows 10

Whether you are using the standard Office năm 2016 or Microsoft Office Professional Plus năm nhâm thìn, you can easily activate it by following the below steps. Here’s how to lớn activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016:

Note: Make sure you’re connected to lớn the internet và you will be able to lớn activate Microsoft Office 2019.

Step 1. Cliông chồng here and then copy the code.

Step 2. Now, go to your desktop và create a new text document. Simply, right-click on the desktop > New > Text Document.


Step 4. Select the destination thư mục, it’s better to select Desktop. Give sầu a name next khổng lồ the File name box but you must add .cmd at the kết thúc. In my case, it will be Office năm nhâm thìn.cmd. In the meantime, make sure to select All Files next to lớn the Save as type box và last click Save sầu.


Step 6. Wait for a while. As you can see in the screenshot below that the activation process is successful.


Step 3. Now, under the Product Information Office, you’ll see Product Activated và it means that Microsoft Office Standard 2019 or Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 is successfully activated.

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Final Words

This post was about how khổng lồ activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus năm nhâm thìn without a hàng hóa key or Microsoft tài khoản in Windows 10. With this method, you can effortlessly activate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 without a hàng hóa key in just about 3-4 minutes.