Flash Player Is No Longer Available

Not that long ago, you couldn’t hit a website without hitting some kind of Flash element. Ads, games, & even entire websites were built using Adobe Flash, but times have moved on, and official support for Flash finally ended on December 31st, 20đôi mươi, with interactive sầu HTML5 nội dung quickly replacing it.

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That doesn’t help you if you’re still looking khổng lồ play older Flash content, however. Websites that don’t update & old truyền thông media that can’t be ported are forgotten without the capabilities in place lớn use them. Although there isn’t a Flash player in Chrome anymore, here are a few ways you can play Flash files in 20đôi mươi & beyond.


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Why Can’t I Play Flash Content In Google Chrome?

Flash has been on borrowed time ever since Apple decided not to tư vấn Flash on iOS devices baông xã in 2010. HTML5 filled that gap, with tốc độ và security enhancements, and as more & more websites adopted HTML5, fewer sites used Flash.

While Google held on for longer than Apple, it couldn’t ignore the fact that Flash itself reached the over of its tư vấn from Adobe at the over of 2019. Google hasn’t allowed Flash Player in Chrome khổng lồ play content automatically for some time, & while Chrome can still technically play Flash content, the built-in Flash player should be removed in 20đôi mươi.


Flash is officially dead, but you can still play your Flash truyền thông media in Chrome—for now. Don’t mourn Flash too much, though, as it was slow, pretty insecure, and not built with modern browsing in mind, & you might want to lớn think about disabling Flash on your PC entirely if you’re no longer using it.

Using The Flash Player In Chrome In 2020

Chrome’s built-in Flash player still remains, but not for long. The target for Flash removal is Chrome version 87 in December 20trăng tròn, but this may come sooner. If you pass that deadline, you’ll need to lớn look at using one of the other Flash players below, as these instructions won’t work.

You can kiểm tra if your version of Flash player in Chrome by typing chrome://components inlớn the address bar. If you have sầu Adobe Flash Player installed, you may still be able lớn play Flash content, but it’ll need to be enabled first.

If your version of Chrome does still have a Flash player installed, you’ll still need to allow it lớn run whenever a Flash page loads. You’ll need lớn press the bloông chồng settings ibé that appears on a page running Flash at the over of your address bar. From here, click the Manage button.

This will bring up the Flash settings menu. You can also access this by typing chrome://settings/content/flash on the address bar. To allow Flash to run, cliông xã the Bloông xã sites from running Flash (recommended) slider. The slider will change to xanh, và the option will change to lớn Ask.

Return khổng lồ the page with Flash content and refresh it. Chrome will ask you if you want to lớn run the Flash nội dung, so clichồng Allow to run the nội dung.

Your Flash content should automatically load at this point, allowing you lớn interact with it. If it doesn’t, or if Chrome tư vấn for Flash has been dropped, you’ll need to lớn try an alternative sầu method.

Playing Old Flash Games With BlueMaxima Flashpoint

With Flash shutting down in 2020, you won’t have sầu many options for playing old Flash files once big browsers like Chrome và Firefox stop supporting it. One option, especially for gamers, is lớn download and use the BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint software.

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This project is a Flash player & website archive sầu project rolled inkhổng lồ one. You can tải về the software & use it to play over 38,000 old Flash games on your PC—no browser required, & entirely for miễn phí.

To use Flashpoint, you’ll need khổng lồ tải về one of the available Flashpoint packages. The recommended option is Flashpoint Infinity, which will tải về games as you want to lớn play them, with only an approximate 300MB file kích thước.

Otherwise, you’ll need khổng lồ tải về the full Flashpoint Ultimate package, which is nearly 300GB in size. This contains the entire archive sầu of Flash games that Flashpoint has to lớn offer, allowing you lớn play them whenever (or wherever) you want, completely offline.

Emulating Flash Online With Ruffle

If old Flash games aren’t your thing, you could use the Ruffle Flash emulator khổng lồ run other types of Flash truyền thông content. This allows you to lớn run old SWF Flash files in your PC browser, replacing Flash entirely.

With Ruffle, you won’t need to worry about Chrome support for Flash being dropped. Ruffle converts Flash nội dung inkhổng lồ a modern, web-friendly format. It shouldn’t be blocked by your browser, & you won’t need a Flash player built-in to lớn vì it.

You can try Ruffle out by trying the online Ruffle thử nghiệm emulator, which has a chạy thử Flash game lớn try, as well as the ability khổng lồ upload your own SWF files to play and use.

Using The Adobe Flash Player In 20đôi mươi và Beyond

While Adobe has dropped tư vấn for Flash, you can still download Adobe Flash Player as a standalone player for your PC và Mac. To play SWF Flash files on your PC without a browser, you’ll need to download the Flash Player projector nội dung debugger from Adobe.

This version of Adobe Flash Player is self-contained, so you don’t need khổng lồ install it to use it—just run the file, then in the Adobe Flash Player window, press File > mở cửa.
Select your SWF Flash file in the Open box. You can use a website address link, or press Browse khổng lồ run an SWF tệp tin from your computer.

The standalone Adobe Flash Player file will load và run your Flash content, allowing you khổng lồ continue khổng lồ play and interact with Flash files once Chrome and other browsers stop supporting it.

Moving On From Flash

Yes—there are still ways lớn play Adobe Flash content using a Flash player in 20đôi mươi, but tư vấn for it is officially dead. It’s time lớn move sầu on from Flash và embrace HTML5, but before you bởi, use the built-in Flash player in Chrome lớn enjoy your older nội dung while you still have sầu the chance.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll need lớn tải về older Flash games if you want to lớn continue playing them past the 20đôi mươi deadline. You can use a project like Flashpoint khổng lồ vị this, or you can look at some of the best online browser games khổng lồ play instead.

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