How to add google tag manager to wordpress website 2021

Adding Google Tag Manager code to lớn your website is something a digital marketer has khổng lồ bởi sooner or later. Now it’s your turn.It can be said that Google Tag Manager is number 1 inwebsite measurementbecause it can be combined with all different tracking và advertising platforms.And in this article, I have summarizedhow to lớn add Google Tag Manager khổng lồ WordPress and Websites.I will definitely help you.

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A quiông xã introduction to Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?Think of Google Tag Manager as a container.It will contain all the tracking codes of different platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel.And instead of you having to lớn edit the website source code to add for each platform, you need khổng lồ add Google Tag Manager to lớn your website.You can then add và edit other tracking codes right in the management interface of Google Tag Manager.Avoid touching the trang web source code that can damage your trang web.

Does Google Tag Manager make your website slowly?Insignificant, even when you use Google Tag Manager lớn store other Google code such as Google Analytics and Google Ads, it is even more compact than adding the code directly lớn the website source code.

Is it okay to add tracking code to lớn the trang web và then add it lớn Tag Manager?There will be duplicates, và the numbers may be duplicated in your reports.So any tracking code that has been added khổng lồ the trang web source code does not need lớn be added to lớn Google Tag Manager anymore.You can remove sầu all tracking codes in the website source code và then add them baông xã to lớn Google Tag Manager for easy management.

How to lớn create và get the Google Tag Manager code

If you have never used Google Tag Manager, learn how lớn create a Tag Manager tài khoản & get its code.

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Create a Google Tag Manager container

Step 1:Go clichồng theCreate Accountbutton.

Click the Publish button.

Wait a few seconds Google Tag Manager will finish publishing.Then, cliông chồng on theworkspace tab(just below the hình ảnh sản phẩm Tag Manager) to slightly make the code.

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Get the Google Tag Manager code

In the workspace tab ofGoogle Tag Manager, you click on the ID will receive sầu 2 codes.To make the article easier to understand, I will name them as follows:

Code A:The code added between theandof the trang web.Code B:Is the code added between theand