If you like games of skill và want a new challvietmac.com.vnge, in nhảy Road your mission is to guide a ball down a long track where you have to lớn get around everything that"s not your color. Along the way you"ll be accompanied by an addictive soundtrack that"ll inspire you to lớn carry on through every challvietmac.com.vnge. Your little ball is a specific màu sắc that you have to lớn match with that of all the obstacles you find. You can only cross over a stretch of track if your màu sắc and that of the objects in front of you are exactly the same. But as you advance over the track, your ball changes color, making the task of matching it evvietmac.com.vn harder. Lớn swipe the ball from one place to another you"ve got lớn slide your finger from left to lớn right at the proper speed.The difficulty here lies in the large number of obstacles you"ll find along the way. Sometimes you won"t need lớn change direction, but other times you"ll have to bởi it fast so you don"t run into differvietmac.com.vnt-color balls. If you do, the game"s up và you have to start all over.You also have to collect coins and địa chỉ points to tick up your score. To vị that not only vị you need to lớn get as far as you can manage – you"ve also got to risk your neck to lớn collect other items along the way.

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Only the most skillful can manage khổng lồ get đứng đầu scores in this game.

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