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In the last few years, as cryptocurrency has grown, there has been a rapid rise in the number of bitcoin sports betting sites & bitcoin sportsbooks that are available to lớn the public. These sites are increasing in popularity as they allow gamblers to get instant access to lớn betting funds, don’t require any kind of payment processing times, & won’t require any banking regulations, blocks, or checks before being accepted.

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However, the world of cryptocurrency can still be daunting for some people as trust is a huge issue. At Basketball Insiders, we want to lớn help to lớn alleviate any issues that bettors may have sầu by looking at the best bitcoin sites available. We’ve ranked và rated the betting brands that accept cryptocurrency and also listed the best bonuses for those who choose to embrace bitcoin for online betting.

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

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$1000 Welcome Bonus

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100% Deposit Bonus up khổng lồ $1000

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Use INSIDERS for 100% Deposit Bonus up lớn $1000

Up khổng lồ $1,000 - BVD1000

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125% up to $3,125 Welcome Bonus Plus Extra Bonus for Crypkhổng lồ Deposits

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100% Welcome Bonus Up To $1000 - KICK100

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100% Up To $500 - No Code Required

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The Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites và Sportsbooks 2021

If you’re in a rush, here’s a quichồng summary of the best bitcoin betting sites:

BetUS – Crypto-specific welcome bonuses for US bettors. Sportsbetting.ag – Easy-to-use betting dashboard. xBet – Accepts multiple crypto deposits.

The Best Bitcoin Betting Sites Reviewed

In the US, Bitcoin has become more prevalent in the digital gambling scene. Gamblers crave the Bitcoin experience for placing their wagers. In this section, we will shed some more light on the best bitcoin betting sites:

1. BetOnline – The Overall Best Bitcoin Betting Site

Players looking for the best overall bitcoin betting site around should look to lớn BetOnline. The site has many features within it, và love all kinds of cryptocurrency deposits & withdrawals, Bitcoin included. There are features for mane in-game lines for all the major sports and leagues, and has a cash-out feature too. This sportsbook offers live sầu betting & can provide bettors with the opportunity lớn bet on their favorites markets quickly, và easily.


We found that BetOnline was more than just a sports betting platkhung because the support that the team offers, và the bonuses that go along with it, make it one of the top betting sites in our danh sách. Those looking lớn start a new trương mục can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to $1000 when using our exclusive promo code. Of course, this betting offer is only available to new users, but the site has constant updates on promotions for existing users too.


Reputable cash out sportsbook Large limits Quichồng payout Accepting most cryptocurrency


Less traditional payment options

2. MyBookie – New Promo Deals for New US Players

MyBookie is a sports betting site that constantly sits in the top rankings of many of our sportsbook favorites. This is largely due ot the fact that this sportsbook allows users khổng lồ make instant deposits easily, through a number of methods. One of these methods happens khổng lồ be Bitcoin & that’s why they’re ranked highly on our danh mục.

In addition to that, MyBook gives players same-day payouts where possible, và has customer support that truly can help you out when you’re in a pinch. Players and bettors alike can grab a wide range of generous bonuses that will apply khổng lồ sportsbook bets, và all customers who sign up using our exclusive code will get the chance lớn clalặng a 100% matched deposit of up lớn $1,000.


Once you take the bonuses and add that on top of the functionality of the site, the sports market it offers, and the payouts, it’s easy to see why MyBookie does so well. This sportsbook offers everything that any avid bettor could want, & does it all in a quichồng & easy fashion. To top it off, MyBook also has one of the most cash out betting lines over và above every other sportsbook, which is just another great reason to lớn use them.


Highly reputable site 24/7 Customer support Happy to lớn take Bitcoin


Less sports markets than some other top brands
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3. Bovadomain authority – The Best Bitcoin Sports Betting Site Overall

Bovadomain authority has been around for a while, & its reputation precedes it. An industry leader when it comes lớn crypkhổng lồ, Bovadomain authority was one of the first sportsbooks in the US to accept Bitcoin for deposits & withdrawals. When you sign up, you may be able lớn deposit Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum into lớn your trương mục, & Bovada has a useful guide to steer you through the process.

Bovadomain authority currently welcomes bettors from all over the US, and whether it is betting on the NBA, tennis, or the Olympics, this sports betting site has every angle covered. Offering fast deposit, và fast withdrawal times, as well as zero fees, Bovadomain authority will be a real catch khổng lồ new, và more seasoned bettors. Especially when used in conjunction with one of the Bovadomain authority promo codes.

The site is rather sleek, và setting up a Bitcoin wallet takes just a matter of moments. Rethành viên, you will need to lớn deposit a minimum of $20 inkhổng lồ your Bitcoin account lớn begin your betting adventure on the Bovada sports betting site. The welcome bonus for Bitcoin is also extremely competitive sầu, and bettors will have a whale of a time if they sign up.


Competitive welcome bonus Sleek site kiến thiết Easy lớn mix up Bitcoin wallet Extensive sầu range of markets


Live sầu streaming unavailable
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4. BetUS – The Best Bitcoin Betting Site for US Sports

While the NBA & NFL steal most of the limelight when it comes to US sports coverage, the NHL is perhaps trailing in their wake. However, BetUS takes NHL very seriously, and for NHL aficionados, they will feel comfortable betting here.

All roads lead lớn the Stanley Cup during the regular season, và you can find some great odds for game lines. Outside of that, there are some great NHL Specials, such as “Which player will be the first khổng lồ record 100 points in a single season.”

Other specials are also available on request. And if that wasn’t enough, players can claim the BetUS promo code that will give them a welcome bonus for cryptocurrency that is very enticing. The cryplớn bonus stands out, as it is a 1một nửa bonus, & it is divided inlớn 100% for sport, & một nửa for the casino. However, the wagering requirements for the sports bonus is considerably lower than a casino. If NHL is your jam, then you will be hard pushed khổng lồ find another Bitcoin sportsbook that performs better.


Specialists in NHL betting Rewarding cryptocurrency bonus Live betting Refer a Frikết thúc


Live streaming unavailable
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5. Sportsbetting.ag – Easy-to-use Betting Dashboard

When it comes lớn put together our danh sách of sites to Đánh Giá, Sportsbetting.ag was a really easy choice for us to lớn make. The site is considered to be one of the top sites in the industry & the company has a long history of sportsbetting since 2001. While the site may not look as modern as some others, those betting on Mobile will have a fantastic experience. Not only is the site easy khổng lồ use, but can be navigated by all purely because of how well it’s laid out.


Those looking for something a little different will feel at home page with Sportsbetting.ag since the site accepts all kinds of traditional deposit options, & also offers Bitcoin deposits và withdrawals for those looking khổng lồ get the faskiểm tra payout. There are betting markets for some of the most popular sports & leagues, và even some for the rather unlikely, especially newer markets lượt thích esports. Those that vày decide lớn play here should look for the 100% welcome bonus up to $1000 that is offered through Basketball Insiders.


Fast paying sportsbook Great welcome bonus Early odds for many events


The support staff can leave a little khổng lồ be desired
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How We Select the Top Bitcoin Betting Sites

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity, many of America’s best-loved sportsbooks have now doubled up as Bitcoin betting sites, and competition is stiff.

As such, to lớn determine the best Bitcoin sportsbook, Basketball Insider has left no stone unturned. We’ve sầu looked at the following;

Security – All legitimate Bitcoin betting sites will place a premium on safeguarding their players while online. This includes installing the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) measures, and ensuring their personal or financial data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Some sites will offer Bitcoin denominations in the cashier, such as Mbtc.

Bitcoin bonuses – Bonuses & promotions are the gateway khổng lồ any site. The best Bitcoin sportsbook will have the most rewarding offers, such as BetOnline where you can enjoy a 100% bonus up lớn $1,000 when processing your first Bitcoin deposit.

Deposits and Withdrawal Fees – The best Bitcoin betting sites will pass on zero fees onto lớn their customers. From a deposits perspective sầu, the process of funding your own Bitcoin wallet should be straightforward, so you can concentrate on winning the wagers you place.

Payout Times – Customers get rather fidgety when it takes longer than anticipated khổng lồ receive sầu their winnings. The best Bitcoin betting sites will provide fast payout times khổng lồ alleviate any worries for bettors.

Betting Markets – Bitcoin betting sites are replete with some of the most exciting, & diverse markets. For example, sites will provide plenty of scope for bettors to tuchồng into lớn prop markets, as well as the latest game lines.

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Bitcoin Betting Odds – The best Bitcoin sportsbooks will have sầu the most competitive odds around, và bettors will be able khổng lồ locate odds in American, decimal, or fractional methods, depending on which way you prefer lớn receive sầu your lines or coupons.

Benefits of Using the Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Despite being a more novel form of payment at betting sites, Bitcoin is gathering momentum, and it resonates with gamblers looking to lớn make faster deposits and withdrawals. There are a few reasons why Bitcoin holds sway nowadays, và we have addressed them below:


Generally, some bettors are worried about sharing their credit or debit thẻ details while online. But Bitcoin removes the găng tay and anxiety away by acting as an effective sầu middleman. Bettors can place their wagers anonymously without having to lớn leave a digital trail of transactions. It, therefore, means that bettors can be hidden or bet anonymously without leaving themselves susceptible to lớn having their accounts hacked.


Unlượt thích some sportsbooks that handle deposits and withdrawals for more traditional payment methods, most of the time, there are zero fees for using Bitcoin. As Bitcoin bypasses the general rules banks impose, bettors will find they will have sầu more to place bets wish rather than stumping up transaction charges. At BetUS, players can buy Bitcoin through Coin Base, and it is easy to lớn transfer Bitcoin inlớn dollars.

Payment Speed

Most bettors value quiông xã withdrawal and deposit times. Due to lớn the way Bitcoin works, transactions can be processed infinitely faster than other payment methods, which can take up to a few working days.

Generous Bonuses

Some of the best Bitcoin offshore betting sites will have sầu extremely rewarding bonuses to lớn capture the attention of bettors. These will have fair terms and conditions, and the wagering requirements won’t be too high either so that bettors can withdraw winnings sooner than anticipated.

One such example is the Bovada sportsbook. Bovadomain authority offers a $750 bitcoin deposit bonus lớn newcomers to the sportsbook & an even larger crypto lớn bonus if you sign up khổng lồ the casino, making it one of our favored bitcoin betting sites.

More Flexibility

With some bookmakers, you may find more flexibility when it comes khổng lồ betting options. Although you may think that Bitcoin sportsbooks only offer odds on dismal lines, & on an obscure range of sports, they have really upped their game in that department over the past few years. Now, you will find that you may not be discriminated against compared lớn people who prefer more established payment options for placing wagers.

Find the Best Bitcoin Betting Bonuses

Bitcoin betting bonuses can be very rewarding. Below, we have listed the top bookies mentioned in our danh mục of best Bitcoin betting sites, và illustrated the offers thrown up khổng lồ new bettors in a simple table.

Bitcoin Bonus Promo Code Bitcoin Deposit/Withdrawal Fees Payout Time
BetOnline 100% deposit match up to lớn $1,000 INSIDERS None 1-48 hours
MyBookie 100% deposit match up to $1,000 INSIDERS None 24-48 hours
Bovada 100% match up to lớn $1,000 INSIDERS None 24 hours
BetUS 125% deposit match up lớn $2,500 INSIDERS None 24 hours
Sportsbetting.ag 100% deposit match up to lớn $1,000 INSIDERS None 24-48 hours
xBet 100% deposit match up to $500 INSIDERS None  24-48 hours

Is It Legal khổng lồ Gamble with Bitcoin?

While US legislators have sầu stringent laws for each state in relation lớn sports betting, it is legal to lớn bet on sports using Bitcoin to lớn fund your playing tài khoản. Predominantly, sites with an international presence enable bettors to sign up khổng lồ use Bitcoin. It is very difficult lớn now trachồng the IPhường addresses of bettors who play using Bitcoin. Despite that, bettors can choose to lớn play using Bitcoin, and it is a safe payment method.

Where to Buy Bitcoin for Betting

Before you can bet with Bitcoin online, you need to buy some crypto. You can vày this from a range of different places. For example, eToro is an online stochồng broker that allows you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos with low fees.

Alternatively, you can buy Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges. The most popular exchanges include Binance và Coinbase. These allow you lớn quickly & easily buy Bitcoin which you can then use to bet online. To get ownership of your cryptocurrency, you’ll need lớn have a bitcoin wallet. This is a virtual wallet that keeps your cryptocurrency safe and secure and is protected by a chất lượng hash key. Ensure that you store this somewhere safe because once you’ve been locked out of your wallet, you won’t be allowed baông chồng in! With wallet access, you can freely trade bitcoin around by sending & receiving using the public 16-digit identification hash key.

Mobile Bitcoin Betting – Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks Apps

The best sportsbook for Bitcoin will provide a memorable Smartphone experience for bettors. Nowadays, it is almost a prerequisite for the best sports betting sites lớn have sầu a great Mobile ứng dụng to satisfy the needs of bettors. The phầm mềm will be very responsive, load pages quickly, và replicate all the elements of the desktop version of the site. The best Bitcoin sportsbooks will look sleek, and they will make it simple lớn deposit và withdraw using Bitcoin.

Our detailed analysis has shown Sportsbet.io, and Bovada ranks very highly for their sports betting apps, và they have been warmly received on Google. The importance of a fully functioning tiện ích should never be underestimated.

How lớn Get Started with a Bitcoin Betting Site

Although it may seem daunting signing up khổng lồ a Bitcoin betting site, in theory, the reality is that it is quite straightforward. You will need lớn mix up a wallet, which is the equivalent of an online bank account, và BlockChain is considered the most trusted Bitcoin wallet for gambling. You will have sầu khổng lồ verify & secure your wallet.

Once you have sầu phối up your Bitcoin wallet, you will then receive sầu a QR code before sending BTC khổng lồ your gambling wallet. Below, we have sầu described the process of registering lớn Bitcoin betting site BetOnline, and we have sầu attached some screengrabs too.

Step 1: Head over lớn the BetOnline trang web. There you can click ‘Join Now’ to sign up.


Step 2: You will then be directed to the Create an Account section, & here, you will be asked to fill in a series of personal details, such as your first name, last name, & your date of birth. Make sure your details are correct before proceeding.


Step 3: Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be on the dashboard of the site. A window will pop up asking you how you’d lượt thích khổng lồ deposit into lớn your casino account.

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Step 4: Cliông xã Bitcoin, follow the steps, và you’ll be ready to lớn go!

Our Best Bitcoin Betting Site in 2021

With everything spoken about in-depth, we feel that there is one single sportsbook that meets everyone’s needs, & that’s BetOnline. They are a site that offers players new & old everything they’d want when concerning a primary payment option.