CC 2022 Adobe Illustrator is the favorite vector design tool of thousands of thiết kế professionals due khổng lồ the vast amount of creative possibilities offered

Among graphical design professionals, Adobe Illustrator is definitely one of the most popular tools. Its different functions have turned it into a standard among designers that work with vector graphics. It allows designers and illustrators create all sorts of logos, icons, sketches, typography, fonts and complex illustrations for all sorts of media, whether printouts or digital channels, such as the web, thiết bị di động or interactive elements.

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The most versatile tool for designing.

Ever since the purchase of Macromedia Freehand on behalf of Adobe, the latter took on its different functions. Its workspace intends lớn satisfy the designer"s needs allowing him lớn develop his projects easily thanks khổng lồ the different tools, windows & panels that offer just what the user is looking for at each moment.

Main features

Considered as the best illustration program, it comes along with a wide range of functions & features:

Support for work with vector graphics.Capacity khổng lồ work on several workbenches at the same time.Creation of pixel-perfect artwork.Possibility to buy fonts from Typekit Marketplace.Creation of designs based on shining, lighting, shadow or degrading effects, among others.Filters for graphics.Panels that change their options depending on the object that is being treated.Interactive tools lớn treat vector objects as coupled objects.Selection of full workbenches or choose different elements from one or another.All the capabilities and advantages of working with Creative Cloud.Adobe Stock image bank.

Synced with all your tools thanks to Creative Cloud

The ecosystem created by Adobe lớn work on the Cloud has led lớn having all their applications always connected. Thus, not only can you mô tả your work with other tools, but also other devices, making the latter much more fluid. This system also encourages the development of group projects.

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Furthermore, it also offers us access to lớn Adobe Stock, the collection of stock images và graphical resources that can be used in Adobe"s different creative tools: over 55 million images, charts, & videos available that can be used as templates or starting points for any project.

What"s new in the latest version

New interface khổng lồ edit with 3d effects that includes tools to edit objects in depth.Now much easier khổng lồ enable fonts.New textures functions with which you can select materials with specific textures for 3d objects.