Bluetooth Drivers come preinstalled on your computer. However, there are times when you have to tải về them manually, the preinstalled driver can get corrupted, or you need khổng lồ update the driver, whatever the case is, we got you covered. In this article, we are going to lớn see how to tải về Bluetooth drivers for Windows computers.

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First up, we should try downloading hãng sản xuất intel Wireless công nghệ bluetooth không dây Driver. To vày that, you have to visit, click on the .exe file, and tải về the driver. Once the driver is downloaded, double-click on the tệp tin from the tải về library và follow the on-screen instructions lớn install it. If you don’t know whether your computer is compatible with the driver or not, go lớn Automatic Driver and Software Updates and tải về the driver. You can also use intel Driver and support Assistant to vị the same.Read: Where to tải về drivers for Windows computers?2> Lenovo
If you are using a Lenovo computer, try the following steps to tải về Bluetooth drivers.Go khổng lồ on Detect Product or enter your serial number. You may be asked to download Lenovo Service Bridge, so, vày that.Click on Driver và Software > Manual Update.Go to Bluetooth và Modem, expand the công nghệ bluetooth driver thực đơn and tải về the driver.After downloading, just install it, và you will be good khổng lồ go.Read: download and Install WiFi drivers3> HPHP users can take a look at the following steps to download the công nghệ bluetooth driver for their computers.Visit the serial number and click Submit.Expand All drivers > Driver-Network.Download the bluetooth driver.Hopefully, this will vì the trick for you.4> DellIf you are on a Dell computer, follow the prescribed steps to tải về its công nghệ bluetooth Driver.
Go to lớn your serial number or click Browse all products and select your system.Make sure that you are on the Drivers và Download tab.Expand Manually find a specific driver for your .Look for bluetooth Driver and click on the Download button associated with it.The driver will be downloaded to lớn your computer.5> ASUS

Touchpad driver not showing up in Device Manager of Windows 11/10


This device is not configured correctly (Code 1)


How to download Touchpad drivers for Windows 11/10


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