CentOS is an open-source Linux distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). CentOS 7 is viewed as the preferred option for website hosting due lớn its stability và active developer community.

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In this tutorial, learn how lớn install CentOS 7 in a few simple steps.


Click Continue lớn confirm your selection.

There are a couple of settings you would want to configure. All items marked with a warning icon must be configured before you begin the installation.

System configurations outlined below may differ based on use case.

Set Date và Time

To set a date và time for the system, click the Date và Time icon under the Localization heading. Select a region/time zone on the bản đồ of the world as seen below. Once you have selected your time zone, hit Done khổng lồ save your changes.

Keyboard Layout

Select the Keyboard option under the Localization heading khổng lồ set the keyboard layout.

The system default is English (US) và the language you selected in the initial window. Click the plus icon to showroom more layouts. Move a layout khổng lồ the top of the menu to make it the mặc định option.

Click the Options button to define a key combination for switching between keyboard layouts. When you are satisfied with the settings defined, select the Done button to confirm the changes.

System Language

Next, select the Language Support option under the Localization heading. The language selected in the Welcome khổng lồ CentOS 7 window will be the mặc định system language. If necessary, select additional languages and hit the Done button once you are finished.

Software Selection

Select the Software Selection option under the Software heading. You will see a list of predefined Base Environment options and optional add-ons. This part entirely depends on your needs.

Minimal Install. This is the most flexible và least resource-demanding option. Excellent for production environment servers. Be prepared to customize the environment.Predefined server Options. If you are 100% certain about the role of your server and don’t want khổng lồ customize it for its role, select one of the predefined server environments.GNOME Desktop and KDE Plasma Workspaces. These environments include a full graphical user interface.

When you have selected the base environment & optional add-ons, click the Done button. Wait for the system to kiểm tra for software dependencies before you move on lớn the next option.

Select Installation Destination

Click the Installation Destination option under the System heading. Check your machine’s storage under the Local Standard Disks heading. CentOS 7 will be installed on the selected disk.


Option 1: Automatic Partitioning

Under the Other Storage Options heading, select the Automatically configure partitioning checkbox. This ensures the selected destination storage disk will automatically partition with the /(root), /home and swap partitions. It will automatically create an LVM logical volume in the XFS tệp tin system.

If you vì chưng not have enough không tính tiền space, you can reclaim disk space & instruct the system lớn delete files.

When finished, click the Done button.

Option 2: Manual Partitioning

Select the I will configure partitioning checkbox và choose Done.

If you want lớn use other tệp tin systems (such as ext4vfat) & a non-LVM partitioning scheme, such as btrfs. This will initiate a configuration pop-up where you can phối up your partitioning manually.

This is an advanced option that depends on your requirements.

Configuring KDUMP

KDUMP is enabled by default.

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To disable the KDUMP kernel crash dumping mechanism, select the KDUMP option under the System heading & uncheck the Enable kdump checkbox. Click the Done button khổng lồ confirm your changes.