All RBR instruments use a single piece of software: Ruskin. Compatible with PCs và Macs, it is the only application needed lớn deploy, download, and display the data from your logger. Even if you don"t have an RBR instrument yet, you can simulate deployments và estimate battery autonomy and memory usage for different scenarios.

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Ruskin is easy khổng lồ install & simple to use.

Ruskin supports multiple simultaneous connected instruments.Easily view streaming data from connected instruments & switch between mở cửa datasets.Optimize deployment duration or sampling speed for battery or memory consumption.Interactive controls permit zooming, panning, & filtering of charted data.An interactive thumbnail view provides an overview of and quick navigation through the contents of very large datasets.

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Ruskin features

Multiple instrument interface: More than one logger can be connected lớn Ruskin at a time and multiple data sets can be opened at the same time.Multilanguage capability: English, French, Spanish, Polish, and Chinese. More coming soon!Flexible export: In addition khổng lồ the raw logger data file (.rsk), Ruskin supports the following formats: OceanDataView (.odv) and Excel (.xlsx), as well as a plain ASCII (.txt) format.Plotting: When you want to kiểm tra that the deployment worked out, Ruskin gives you a phối of charting tools lớn help you visualize your data.Cast support: Use instrument-generated or post-processing-generated casts to segment your data và view as either time-based or depth-based plots.Plot output: Ruskin saves plots in PNG (bitmap) và PDF (vector) formats with the click of a button.Complete deployment simulation: If you are curious about battery autonomy or memory usage estimates, Ruskin can simulate any RBR logger & estimate the deployment resources required.Calibration: One- or two-point calibration for dissolved oxygen, pH, pressure, and turbidity.Automatic update: You don"t need to lớn check to see if we have added new features - Ruskin will check for you. Each time you start Ruskin, it will see if there is an improved version available, & if so, ask you if you want to tải về it for free.Comments: It’s easy to send feedback! From the Help/Comment on Ruskin menu, you can tell us about features you think we should add, or bugs you’ve found.Serial-to-USB (dongle/driver) issues

We recommend the ES-U-1001-A dongle using the FTDI driver. We have found that many other adapters using other chipsets vị not work satisfactorily. Remember lớn install the driver; otherwise, the COM port will not be visible to lớn Ruskin.

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