Sorry, this article had khổng lồ be reworked since originally published, details for the reasons why below.

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If you"re building new, you"ll certainly want lớn use the new hypervisor, since the serious NETDEV WATCHDOG issue KB 2124669 that sometimes causes ESXi lớn hang is resolved. This article is about getting the fresh downloads going for your "greenfield" installs. If you don"t have a commercial license, and are instead using a trial, free, or EVALExperience, you won"t be able lớn grab the 6.0 Update 1a ISO directly.

What I learned today is that you can liên hệ VMware by e-mail at vi-hotline khổng lồ inquire about obtaining the ESXi 6.0 Update 1a ISO named
VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.0.0.update01-3073146.x86_64.isothey"ll xuất hiện a Service Request (SR#), và may be able lớn help you with a WebEx & get you that tệp tin earlier, much as they did for me, for free, under SR#15788958810. Or you can wait 60 or more days for VMware khổng lồ allow anybody with any My VMware acount to access and tải về this file. I have given VMware constructive và thorough feedback about how silly this is. The old trick of signing up for a new My VMware trương mục under a differerent e-mail address doesn"t help for getting 6.0 Update 1a either. I think you opening a ticket via email is likely the best approach, since VMware will then better understand/track the impact of this 60+ day delay. But if you just want khổng lồ get your existing 6.0 updated to lớn 1a right now, worry not, got you covered, simply skip to section 1B below.

1) download ESXi 6.0 Update 1a

A) Registered commercial license key users can tải về the 6.0 Update 1a ISO

If you do want the ESXi 6.0 Update 1a ISO, và the full vSphere 6.0 U1a with vCenter hệ thống Appliance (VCSA) for the FUN & useful stuff like vMotion, và you have a commercial license, here"s the link for all that stuff:

The ESXi 6.0 1a hypervisor tệp tin you want:

B) EVALExperience/trial/free hypervisor download/apply 6.0 Update 1a patch directly

These steps have been tested, & work great in my home lab. Before you begin, first, you need to đánh giá William Lam"s warning:

Disclaimer: This method assumes you can install the default ESXi Image Profile with no additional drivers or packages, else you may have connectivity issue after the upgrade. If you still need to lớn customize the ESXi Image Profile before installation, you will still need lớn use something lượt thích Image Builder and then upload that khổng lồ your online depot.

...and Andreas Peetz warning:

Important note: Before doing this please kiểm tra whether you rely on one of the NIC drivers (e.g. Realtek) that were blacklisted in ESXi 6.0. You then need to carry out an additional step before doing the upgrade - see my earlier post (section 2) for details.

For my SuperServer Workstation, I didn"t have to lớn worry about VIBs: the stock drivers built into 6.0 are all I need to succeed. Even if I do need AHCI or NVMe VIBs in the future, I can just re-add such VIBs after similar future upgrades.

Paste the following 2 commands (cut-and-paste one line at a time):

esxcli network firewall ruleset phối -e true -r httpClientesxcli software profile update -d -p ESXi-6.0.0-20151004001-standardType "reboot" & hit return

Here"s how my upgrade from build 3029758 lớn 3073146 looked right after the 5 minute download/patch.

2) download vCenter server Appliance

And the other two files are the same vSphere 6.0 Update 1 (there is no 1a), & are available lớn all license types (commercial, EVALExperience, trial, free).


3) Read the Release notes here

4) Read the EULA here

5) A variety of issues may strike, you will (probably) prevail!

For non-corporate license holders, such as home lab EVALExperience licenses, you may get the following warning when you try to download VCSA from the above tải về site:

You either are not entitled or vị not have permissions to tải về this product.Check with your My VMware Super User, Procurement contact or Administrator.

If you recently purchased this product through VMware Store or through a third-party, try downloading later.Download Trial


I have just the detailed article for you, right here at! In summary, it explains that you may be able lớn use the tải về Trial option, followed by the "View My Evaluations" option. If that doesn"t work out because of a "Your evaluation has expired. 0 days remaining on your evaluation" then don"t thảm bại heart, just logoff. Then register for a trial under a different, new My VMware account, choosing VMware vSphere." Now you can download VCSA and install. Later on, you apply your EVALExperience license that"s suited for home lab users. I know, it"s a mess, I apologize for VMware, even though I have absolutely no authority to bởi so ;-)

I"m getting a fairly smooth 75Mbps download speed tonight, using Resource Monitor lớn confirm the bits are flowing from Akamai CDN. Drop us a comment below to lớn let us know how your tải về is going!

Happy Tinkering!

It would seem that David Stamen broke the news first, with a simple October 6th tweet:

ESXi 6.0 Update 1a Released #vExpert

— David Stamen (
davidstamen) October 6, 2015

Oct 22 năm ngoái 09:45am EDT - My apologies for the errors in my intitial version of this article, the links and screenshots are being fixed, but right now, VMware seems khổng lồ be having issues with taking new registrations for không tính tiền trials. I"m unable to tải về ESXi 6.0 Update 1a myself, even under a brand-new MY VMware account.

Oct 26 2015 10:50am EDT - I have been trying every day, with no luck yet. Today, same issue, still can"t register for trial/download.

Oct 26 năm ngoái 07:00pm EDT - VMware support is able khổng lồ replicate the problem, under my support Request # 15787597310. I am still unable khổng lồ obtain a ESXi 6.0 Update 1a ISO.


Oct 27 2015 10:50am EDT - I"m seeing a new issue today, pictured below.

New message seen when trying to lớn get lớn My VMware today, Oct 27 2015.

Oct 28 năm ngoái 9:18pm EDT - VMware has stated they"ve fixed the server-side issues pictured above. However, they"ve also verified that EVALExperience license keys cannot be registered, thus, 6.0 Update 1a won"t be available as an ISO lớn download. That"s only for Commercial License holders. So installing ESXi 6.0 Update 1 off the ISO is the way khổng lồ go, upgrading lớn 6.0 Update 1a later on using the esxcli method I outlined above.

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Jan 07 năm nhâm thìn Update

Feb 03 năm nhâm thìn Update

I got rather fed up with relying on the mercy of VMware support, khổng lồ be able khổng lồ get the ISO of the latest ESXi 6.0 Update 1b. Heck, you can"t even get the latest vSphere Client without a valid licensed copy of VMware, see related visitor willbill comments here.

So I went & put down my $399 USD for the Acadmic VMware Essentials, described here.