Do you want to try Windows Server 2016 for free? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to get a free Windows Server năm 2016 ISO. Then, you can install it on your PC và try it for 180 days.

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How to tải về Windows Server năm 2016 ISO

Windows Server 2016 is still in the support period of Microsoft, so you can get the Windows Server 2016 ISO download from the Microsoft official website. Here is the guide:

Scroll down to find Windows Server năm 2016 and click it.Select ISO and the ContinueComplete a khung about information lượt thích your name, company name và size, work e-mail address và phone number, & region. Then, click the Continue button again.Select language và click the Download


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System Requirements for Windows vps 2016

The minimum hardware requirements to lớn run Windows hệ thống are as follows:

CPU:4 GHz 64-bit processor; supports NX & DEP, CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, PrefetchW, and Second level Address Translation (EPT or NPT)RAM: 512 MB (2 GB for server with Desktop Experience installation option); supports ECC type or similar technologyStorage: 32 GBNetwork: An Ethernet adapter capable of at least 1 Gb/s throughput và compliant with the PCI Express architecture specificationAdditional Requirements: DVD drive, UEFI 2.3.1c-based system & firmware that supports secure boot, Trusted Platform Module, Graphics device & monitor capable of Super card vga (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution, Keyboard & Microsoft mouse, internet access

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Windows Server năm nhâm thìn Editions

Windows Server 2016 include the following 6 editions:

Windows Server năm 2016 Essentials edition: It is designed for small businesses, and many features of Windows Server năm 2016 are not supported, including virtualization.Windows Server năm 2016 Standard edition: It is designed for physical vps environments with little or no virtualization. It includes licenses for up lớn two virtual machines & supports Nano vps installations. It provides many roles and functions available with Windows vps 2016.Windows Server năm 2016 Datacenter edition: It is designed for highly virtualized infrastructure, including private & hybrid cloud environments. It provides all roles và features available on the Windows vps 2016, including unlimited virtual machine licenses, Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica, etc.Microsoft Hyper-V hệ thống 2016: As a standalone virtualization hệ thống running virtual machines, it includes all the new features of virtualization in Windows hệ thống 2016. This version has no GUI but has a user interface that displays a menu of configuration tasks.Windows Storage Server năm nhâm thìn Workgroup edition: It acts as entry-level unified storage.Windows Storage Server 2016 Standard edition: It includes two virtual machine licenses & some roles lượt thích AD DS, AD CS, and AD FS are not supported.

However, the downloaded Windows Server năm nhâm thìn ISO is for the Datacenter and Standard editions. When you install Windows vps 2016, you need to choose an edition. In addition, you also need khổng lồ choose an installation option.

Server vi xử lý core (recommended): It’s a smaller installation & has no local GUI.

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Server with Desktop Experience: It includes a full graphical user interface (GUI).

This post illustrates how to download Windows hệ thống 2022 ISO and install this system step-by-step. Follow this full tutorial khổng lồ get the system now!