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LEVEL 59:Goals: 5 Decorations; 1 Shiny Horn; $13,000Times: Gold-2:30; Silver-3:30Requirement: màn chơi 1 Grinding Factory

Upgrade the truck 2 times and the warehouse 1 time.Purchase 3 decorations.Cage and warehouse the jaguars.Collect 5 wools from the Llamas & sell the llamas.Produce sewing threads, fabrics & costumes 5 at a time.Costume the 3 jaguars và sell lớn reach to $13,000 goal, sell 2 additional costumes.Purchase a goat and the grinding factory.Process the shiny horn.

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LEVEL 60:Goals: 2 Shiny Horns; 1 Sample basket Baskets; 5 CostumesTimes: Gold-1:40; Silver-2:40Requirement: cấp độ 1 Manufacturing Plant

Purchase 3 llamas along with 3 decorations & upgrade the truck and warehouse 1 time.Process wool 3 at a time first and then 2 at a time. Sell the llamas when 5 wools have been collected.Cage and warehouse và sell the jaguars. If so desired; costume the jaguars; however, the money isn’t really needed unless you prefer to lớn upgrade the manufacturing plant if you’ve purchased the blueprints from the shop.Process the horns 1 at a time. Sell the goat when 2 horns have been collected.Upgrade the helicopter after selling the llamas và jaguar; then purchase 2 additional decorations.Make 2 more costumes.Purchase the manufacturing plant và expedite the processing of the sample basket.

LEVEL 61:Goals: 4 Shiny Horns; 4 Sample Baskets; trăng tròn Chickens; $20,000Times: Gold-2:00; Silver-3:00Requirement: cấp độ 2 Grinding Factory

Purchase 3 chickens & purchase a cấp độ 3 incubator.Upgrade the truck 2 times & the warehouse 1 time.Process eggs 3 at a time until 20 chickens have been obtained.Process shiny horns & sample baskets 1 at a time. Sell the goats after 6 horns have been collected.Upgrade the truck 2 times và the warehouse 1 time.Sell the jaguars 2 horns và the goats after 6 horns have been collected. Make sure there are 4 horns that have been or can be processed.Sell 3 sample baskets to reach $20,000 goal.

LEVEL 62:Goals: 6 Shiny Horns: 6 Sample Baskets; 5 Llamas; $30,000Times: Gold-1:40; Silver-2:40Requirement: cấp độ 2 Manufacturing Plant

Timing on this cấp độ is crucial in order to lớn complete in gold time.Sell 1 horn and 1 goat.Process shiny horns 2 at a time.Do not process any sample baskets until the truck returns and the manufacturing plant is upgraded to a màn chơi 2. Expedite processing of the horns và samples.Upgrade the truck 2 times.Sell 2-4 regular horns; 4 sample baskets & the 4 goats to lớn reach khổng lồ $30,000 goal. The last 2 sample baskets should be processing.When the truck returns, purchase 5 llamas.

LEVEL 63:Goals: 7 Shiny Horns; 7 Sample Baskets; 1 Souvenir; 3 GoatsTimes: Gold-2:20; Silver-3:20Requirement: cấp độ 1 Souvenir Factory

Upgrade the truck & warehouse 1 time & purchase a varnish from the helicopter.Manufacture shiny horns và sample baskets 2 at a time.Sell 3 jaguars.When the truck returns, sell 4 sample baskets.Purchase the souvenir factory and upgrade the truck 1 more time.Sell 2 sample baskets, 1 souvenir và 2 shiny horns.When the truck returns purchase the third goat.

LEVEL 64:Goals: 6 Souvenirs; $30,000Times: Gold-2:30; Silver-3:30Requirement: màn chơi 2 Souvenir Factory

This cấp độ can be tricky lớn achieve gold time.Upgrade the truck 2 times và the warehouse 1 time.Purchase 2 costumes và 5 varnishes from the helicopter.Start horn production 1 at a time for now & expedite the process.Cage 3 jaguars and dress 2 jaguars’ w/costumes và expedite process & sell.When the truck returns, purchase another goat, tăng cấp the helicopter 1 time và purchase 2 costumes và 1 varnish.Process the horns 2 at a time for now.Sell 2 dressed jaguars; 2 souvenirs and the 2 goats (make sure you have enough horns for the remaining souvenirs). This should make the $30,000 goal.Upgrade the manufacturing plant when the truck returns & expedite the manufacturing process.

LEVEL 65:Goals: 16 Shiny Horns; 16 Sample Baskets; 6 GoatsTimes: Gold-3:10; Silver-4:10Requirements: cấp độ 3 Grinding & Manufacturing Plants

Upgrade the truck & warehouse 1 time. Purchase the fitting room và purchase 3 costumes. Produce horn products 2 at a time.Sell 2 costumed jaguars and 2 sample baskets.Send the helicopter for 3 costumes and purchase another goat.Upgrade the truck to lớn max. & sell 4 sample baskets và 1 costumed jaguar.Upgrade the grinding factory và the manufacturing plants and manufacture horns 3 at a time expediting the process.Sell 2 costumed jaguars and 4 sample baskets.Purchase 3 goats.

LEVEL 66:Goals: 9 Souvenirs; 3 Sewing Threads; 2 Fabrics; 1 CostumeTimes: Gold-2:30; Silver-3:30Requirement: màn chơi 3 Souvenir Factory

Purchase 1 goat, 3 decorations & 5 varnishes.Upgrade the truck to the max and the warehouse 1 time.Send the airplane for 4 more varnishes.Produce the horn products 2 at a time.Capture all jaguars & sell.Wait until the Llama produces 3 wools then sell the Llama và start the wool production.Sell the goats when 9 horns have been collected.Upgrade the souvenir factory & process horns 3 at a time; expedite the last horn productions.

LEVEL 67:Goals: trăng tròn Shiny Horns; 20 Sample Baskets; 4 Cakes; 4 CostumesTimes: Gold-2:50; Silver-3:50Requirements: màn chơi 4 Grinding & Manufacturing Plant

This is one of the hardest levels thus far lớn receive gold time. There is no need lớn mess with the souvenir factory as it takes too long khổng lồ produce.Upgrade the truck 2 times & the warehouse 1 time. Tăng cấp the well no more than 2 times if desired.Collect 4 eggs & 4 wools, & then sell the chickens và the llamas.Produce shiny horns và sample baskets 3 at a time.Send the helicopter for 4 flours.Sell all basket samples and jaguars as they become available.Purchase all the egg related factories & upgrade them all to a level 2. Produce 4 cakes.Purchase the sewing thread factory và upgrade to a cấp độ 2.Send the helicopter for 4 decorations.Sell the goats when đôi mươi horns have been collected along with sample baskets and cakes.Purchase a level 4 fabric & costume factories & process the fabrics & costumes 4 at a time.

LEVEL 68:Goals: 12 Souvenirs; 4 Goats; 10 Costumes; $50,000Times: Gold-2:20; Silver-3:20Requirement: cấp độ 4 Souvenir Factory

Another challenging level to receive gold on. One of the keys lớn this level is to lớn try và capture as many jaguars as possible before they have a date with your dogs.Purchase 3 goats.Upgrade the helicopter and purchase 5 costumes.Upgrade the warehouse 1 time và the truck 2 times.Produce horn products 3 times throughout the level.Try to lớn capture 1-2 jaguars; dress them up và sell.Send the helicopter for 12 varnishes. When the helicopter returns purchase 5 more costumes.Two more groups of jaguars will attack throughout the level. Try lớn capture at least 4 of them; place costumes on them và sell.Sell the souvenirs with the jaguars. Also sell any costumes that you won’t use và upgrade the truck to lớn the max.When 12 horns have been collected sell the goats.After the $50,000 goal has been met, nâng cấp the souvenir factory và purchase 4 goats.

LEVEL 69:Goals: 26 Sample Baskets; 5 Chickens; 5 Llamas; 5 GoatsTimes: Gold-2:30; Silver-3:30Requirements: màn chơi 5 Grinding và Manufacturing Factories

This màn chơi may take some practice in order to lớn receive gold time.Upgrade the truck completely.Purchase 4 chickens và 4 llamas & sell all the chickens và llamas.Purchase4 goats after you catch the jaguars.Upgrade the warehouse 1 time.Purchase 10 varnishes. When the helicopter returns you may want to lớn order another 5 varnishes.Catch và sell all jaguars and hope none of them decide they want one of your goats!Manufacture the horn related products 4 at a time for now.Sell souvenirs and sample baskets when completed.Purchase another goat và upgrade the grinding & manufacturing plants when the money becomes available.

LEVEL 70:Goals: 25 Souvenirs; 5 Fabrics; 5 Costumes; $50,000Times: Gold-3:00; Silver-4:00Requirement: màn chơi 5 Souvenir Factory

Again it may take practice in order khổng lồ receive gold time on this level. Catch all jaguars and sell.Upgrade the truck to lớn the max & sell all the chickens.Upgrade the warehouse 1-2 times và send the helicopter for 10 varnishes.Purchase the spinning and weaving factories và make all wool related products 1 at a time until all 5 are completed.Produce the horn related products 4 at a time.Sell the llamas after 5 wools have been collected.Send the helicopter for 5 varnishes & 5 decorations. When the helicopter returns, send it for 10 more varnishes.Purchase the costume factory.Sell souvenirs và costumes as they become available.Sell goats when 25 horns have been collected to lớn reach $50,000 goal.

LEVEL 71: (It takes 1 souvenir, 1 cake; 1 curd & 1 decoration to lớn make a mega cake)Goals: 1 Mega Cake; 1 Cake and 1 SouvenirTimes: Gold-3:00; Silver-4:00Requirement: cấp độ 1 Mega Cake Factory

Purchase 1 goat. Five horns will need lớn be collected lớn complete the cấp độ in gold time. Sell all jaguars. You should need lớn purchase water only 1 time.Process 1 sample basket & sell.When the truck returns purchase 1 egg and 1 flour along with the egg powder plant và process a cake. Make sure to lớn keep the cake for the mega cake.Upgrade the truck 2 times & the warehouse 1 time and send the helicopter for 3 varnishes và 1 decoration.Wait to lớn process any horns until there are 3 of them; then make the horns into souvenirs expediting the process.Sell the goat 2 souvenirs and 1 horn. (Keep 1 souvenir for the mega cake.)When the truck returns, nâng cấp the helicopter 2 times and purchase a curd.Purchase the mega cake factory & expedite processing the mega cake as soon as the curd is collected.

LEVEL 72: (Wild West in the United States the farm in the upper left of the map)Goals: 5 Mega Cakes; 10 Cakes; 10 Curd; $30,000Times: Gold-4:10; Silver-5:10Requirement: level 2 Mega Cake Factory

Upgrade the truck và warehouse1 time và sell the sheep. Sell all bears on this level.When the truck returns purchase 10 flours. Purchase all egg related factories and upgrade them lớn a level 2 and upgrade the truck again.Sell the turkeys after 10 eggs have been collected.Process cream & curds 2 at a time and process egg related products 2 at a time.Sell the first 4 curds, then nâng cấp the helicopter 1 time và send for 1 souvenir và 1 decoration.Upgrade the truck again và sell the mega cake along with any additional curds (leave 1 curd in the warehouse for the next cake).When the truck returns send the helicopter for 3 decorations and 3 souvenirs.Sell 2 mega cakes & the cows to meet the $50,000 goal và send the helicopter for 1 decoration và 1 souvenirUpgrade the mega cake factory and make the fifth mega cake and expedite the process.


Sell 1 walrus and 2 royal penguins; be very careful with the water as it needs khổng lồ last until the truck returns. Cage và sell all bears on the level.When the truck returns, upgrade the well 1-2 times và feed the starving animals.Upgrade the truck & warehouse 2 times.Upgrade the helicopter 2 times and purchase 10 cookies; 10 flours and 5 varnishes.Start producing cakes 5 at a time and tusks 4 at a time.Purchase 2 cookies; 2 flours and 10 varnishes (yes I know that equals 12 and you only need 11…gives you one extra in case a bear gets hungry).Sell the royal penguins when 11 or more feathers have been collected.After all the cakes have been made, purchase the colored feather factory và upgrade 1 time. Process the feathers 2 at a time & then make decorations.Sell the first 5 souvenirs for money.Then sell the walruses when 10 more husks have been collected.Purchase the curd factory & upgrade 1 time and send the helicopter for as many creams as you can afford until you’ve made 11 curds.Start production on the mega cakes and sell them. Upgrade the curd và mega cake factories as you can afford them.Purchase 10 penguins và then sell them.

LEVEL 74: (EUROPE BOTTOM LEFT OF MAP:Goals: đôi mươi Mega Cakes; 21 Decorations; 21 Souvenirs; $50,000Times: Gold-6:40; Silver-7:40

Hmmm. There’s a cheese factory but no way to lớn make cheese…so disregard the cheese factory. Cage & sell all bears.Sell 2 yaks.When the truck returns, tăng cấp the well 1 time.Upgrade the warehouse & truck 1 time & sell 2 more yaks.Sell 2 more yaks.Upgrade the warehouse và truck again.Process cream & curd 4 at a time; & sell the first 4 curds. Nâng cấp truck và warehouse lớn max.Sell the geese when trăng tròn eggs have been collected.Sell the cows when trăng tròn more milk have been collected.Purchase 20 flours.Purchase cấp độ 3 egg related factories after đôi mươi curds have been completed.Upgrade the helicopter 2-3 times and purchase 2 sample baskets, 2 varnish và 5 feathers. Try to bởi vì this before the first few cakes are completed.Process the feathers và the souvenirs.Process the mega cakes và sell.Keep ordering as many sample baskets, varnishes và feathers as you can afford until 21 total have been ordered & processed.Process the mega cakes and sell; after the $50,000 goal has been met, upgrade the mega cake factory.

LEVEL 75: (AFRICA-BOTTOM RIGHT OF MAP)Goals: 25 Mega Cakes; 5 Guinea Birds; 5 Ostriches; 5 BuffaloTime: Gold-4:50; Silver-5:50

Purchase 5 ostriches & 1 cat.Upgrade the well 1-2 times (as desired) and upgrade the truck and warehouse lớn max.Catch 2 lions và sell then purchase 3 buffalo. Catch all lions and sell during the rest of the level.Purchase 10 varnishes.Produce the feather và horn products 5 at a timePurchase 10 more varnishes and then 5-10 more varnishes.Sell the ostriches after 25 feathers have been collected. (You may also want lớn sell 3 -5 souvenirs)Upgrade the helicopter 2 times và order 10 flours và 10 cookies and as many curd as you can afford (probably only 1-2 at this time)Purchase the cake factory and upgrade completely.Start producing cakes & mega cakes while still producing souvenirs.Purchase 5-10 cookies and flours at a time along with as many curds as you can afford.Sell the buffalo when there are enough horns to complete 25 cakes.Upgrade both cake factories as you can afford.When the last mega cakes are being produced, there should be enough money khổng lồ purchase 5 buffalo & 5 guinea birds.

LEVEL 76: (AFRICA-BOTTOM RIGHT OF MAP)Goals: 11 Colored Feathers; trăng tròn Horns; $70,000Times: Gold-3:50; Silver-4:50

Try khổng lồ catch as many lions as you can. There is a onslaught of lions in this level; and the dogs are sure to lớn get some of the first ones.Purchase 2 ostriches and 2 buffalos.Upgrade the warehouse 1 time and the truck 2 times.Send the helicopter for 4 fabrics.Process the feathers & the horns 4 at a time.Send the helicopter for 5 varnishes và 2 fabrics. You may need to send the helicopter again for 2 more fabrics.Sell the first 4 souvenirs.Purchase the fitting room; do not upgrade.Send the helicopter for 2 more fabrics & additional varnish to lớn make the sample baskets in the warehouse into souvenirs.Sell the ostriches after 11 feathers have been collected.Sell the horns and the costumed lions until you reach the $70,000 goal. You may need khổng lồ sell the buffalo khổng lồ reach this goal, but vì chưng so only if trăng tròn horns have been collected.

LEVEL 77: (AFRICA-BOTTOM RIGHT OF MAP)Goals: 50 Guinea birds; 4 Buffalo; 5 Mega CakesTimes: Gold-3:20; Silver-4:20

In order to lớn receive gold on this level, you don’t need to lớn purchase any animals until the very end of the level.Upgrade the helicopter khổng lồ the max & purchase 5 fabric, 5 decorations; 5 cookies và 5 flours.Make the cakes and the costumes. Expedite the costume process.Costume 2 lions expediting the process và sell.When the truck returns, send the helicopter for 1 curd, 1 decoration, 1 basket & 1 varnish.Expedite making a souvenir, then expedite the mega cake process. 2 lions will attack, capture và costume the lions.Upgrade the truck and sell the mega cake & 2 costumed lions.Send the helicopter for 2 curd, 4 decorations, 2 fabric, 2 sample baskets & 2 varnishes.Process 2 costumes và 2 souvenirs; then start the mega cakes.Sell the mega cakes.Send the helicopter for 1 decoration, 1 curd, 1 sample basket and 1 varnish.Make the souvenir và mega cake while capturing 3 lions. Costume the 3 lions.Sell the mega cake & lions.Purchase 50 guinea birds & 4 buffalo.

LEVEL 78: (AFICA-BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE MAP)Goals: 5 Cakes; 5 Costumes & 5 SouvenirsTimes: Gold-2:00; Silver-3:00

Upgrade the truck 1 time và sell 1 guinea bird and 1 ostrich.Upgrade the warehouse 1 time.When the truck returns, tăng cấp the truck again.Capture & sell 3 lions.Sell the sample baskets và the remaining guinea birds and ostriches. (make sure you have 5 eggs và 5 feathers)Produce horns, eggs & feathers 5 at a time.When the truck returns, upgrade the helicopter 2 times và purchase 5 flours, 5 fabrics và 5 varnishes.Sell the buffalo when you have collected 10 horns total.Sell all lions as soon as they’re captured.Purchase the cake factory, costume & souvenir factories and upgrade lớn a level 3 & start production.Expedite the production of the cakes, costumes và souvenirs.

LEVEL 79: (AFRICA-BOTTOM RIGHT OF THE MAP)Goals: 10 Cakes; 10 Costumes; 10 Souvenirs; 10 Mega CakesTimes: Gold-9:00; Silver-10:00

Purchase 5 ostriches, 5 guinea birds & a cat. Process egg và feather products 5 at a time.Upgrade the warehouse & truck 2 times.Purchase 10 flours.Sell 5 decorations.Purchase another 10 flours.Sell 5 decorations along with some cakes và lions.Purchase 5 fabrics then purchase another 5 fabrics when the truck returns.Sell the guinea birds after trăng tròn eggs have been collected. Sell the first 10 cakes and leave 10 cakes in the warehouse for the mega cakes.Sell 10 costumes, & then sell the ostriches when feathers và or decorations have been accumulated.Purchase a buffalo when $20,000 or more has been collected.Purchase all the horn producing factories and the mega cake factory.Purchase 1 curd & start making mega cakes.Purchase the curd as you can afford them và make mega cakes.Sell the buffalo when 10 horns have been collected.Upgrade the mega cake factory, purchase the additional curd needed & expedite making the mega cakes.

LEVEL 80: (MEXICAN FARM-CENTER OF MAP)Goals: 5 Chickens; $10,000; 1 Mega Cake

Purchase 1 chicken.Expedite incubating eggs, start with 1 egg, then 2, then 3 etc. Until you reach 5 at a time.Capture 2 jaguars và sell. Capture the third jaguar & warehouse.Upgrade the truck & the warehouse when the truck returns, và then sell a jaguar.Sell 3 more jaguars.Sell 15 chickens.Capture 3 more jaguars và sell.Capture 3 additional jaguars and keep them in the warehouse.Purchase a costume; costume 1 jaguar & sell.When the truck returns, tăng cấp the helicopter one time and purchase 2 additional costumes; tăng cấp the truck 1 time & dress 2 jaguars và sell lớn reach the money goal.When the truck returns, nâng cấp the helicopter 1 time và purchase a cake, a decoration, a curd & a souvenir.Expedite the mega cake production.

LEVEL 81: (MEXICAN FARM-CENTER OF MAP):Goals: 1 Costume; 1 Souvenir; 5 Cakes; 1 CheeseTimes: Gold-2:40; Silver-3:40

Purchase 1 costume.Capture only 2 jaguars và dress 1 jaguar. Sell the dressed jaguar và 1 regular jaguar. LET THE OTHER TIGERS ROAM AROUND ON THE FARM. IF THEY ARE CAGED, THEY WILL BREAK OUT OF THE CAGE & DESTROY THE FACTORIES.Upgrade the helicopter và purchase 4 additional costumes.Dress 4 jaguars & sell with a normal jaguar. Keep 1 jaguar in the warehouse.Purchase 5 chickens and upgrade the helicopter and purchase a cheese, 1 horn, 1 varnish and 5 flours.Start the horn production và expedite.Sell the chickens after collecting 5 eggs along with the cheese và a jaguar.As soon as the shiny horn as been produced, purchase the egg powder factory và upgrade to lớn the max and expedite making powders.As soon as the sample basket is made, purchase the cookie factory; upgrade lớn the max và expedite making cookies.As soon as a souvenir is made, purchase the cake factory & upgrade lớn the max and expedite making the cakes.

LEVEL 82: (MEXICAN FARM-CENTER OF MAP)Goals: đôi mươi Eggs; trăng tròn Wool; đôi mươi Horns; 5 Mega CakesTimes: Gold-2:00; Silver-3:00

There is an onslaught of jaguars on this level. Luckily there is plenty of money; but there is still a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of fast clicking.Upgrade the well 2 times & purchase 5 goats, 5 llamas, 5 chickens & a cat.Upgrade the warehouse và truck completely.Upgrade the helicopter 2 times và purchase 5-6 flours & 5-6 varnishes. (You might want to add one in case you thua one to a jaguar.When the helicopter returns, purchase 5 curd and 5 decorations.Sell the wool along with the jaguars as they are captured. Sell và process the eggs và horns or just sell the eggs and horns after 5 cakes và 5 souvenirs have been processed.Purchase the mega cake factory & upgrade to a màn chơi 3. Process the mega cakes.

LEVEL 83: (MEXICAN FARM-CENTER OF MAP)Goals: 4 Cheeses; 100 Egg Powders; 50 Chickens; 1 Mega CakeTimes: Gold-6:30; Silver-7:30

Only 1 powder factory upgraded lớn the max will get 100 egg powders pretty fast.Sell the chicken và send the helicopter for 1 cake and 1 curd.When the truck returns, send the helicopter for 1 decoration and 1 souvenir.Expedite the mega cake production.Capture 2 jaguars và sell. Capture a third jaguar & sell with the mega cake.When the truck returns, nâng cấp the truck & the warehouse và sell 3 more jaguars.Purchase 6 chickens, nâng cấp the well as desired, nâng cấp the warehouse & truck 1 more time và purchase a cat & one egg powder plant upgraded lớn the max.Start putting the eggs into the incubator.When you have enough eggs start putting 5 eggs into the incubator and 5 eggs into the powder factory at a time.Purchase 1 cheese & sell along with the jaguars & the egg powders & repeat this process until the 4 cheeses have been collected.After 50 chickens have been obtained sell 40 of them và keep making eggs powders until 100 are made.

LEVEL 84: (MEXICAN FARM-CENTER OF MAP)Goals: đôi mươi Cakes; 20 Costumes; trăng tròn Souvenirs; 5 GoatsTimes: Gold-7:20; Silver-8:40

Purchase 3 goats and 10 varnishes.Purchase all horn related factories. Nâng cấp the grinding factory to a cấp độ 2.Upgrade the truck lớn the max and the warehouse 2 times.Purchase 10 more varnishes.Capture & sell all jaguars along with the souvenirs & a shiny horn. Keep 1 shiny horn in the warehouse.Upgrade the other horn related factories to lớn a màn chơi 2.Purchase a llama & the wool production factories.Purchase as many decorations as you can afford until you reach 20.Purchase 2 more goats. Sell the goats when you have enough horns in the warehouse lớn produce the 20 souvenirs.Purchase 5 chickens.Purchase the egg production factories và upgrade to lớn a màn chơi 5 after the đôi mươi souvenirs have been made.Upgrade the helicopter và purchase đôi mươi flours.Purchase additional llamas and upgrade the wool production factories. Have 1 more llama than the level of the factories. Example-factories are a màn chơi 3, you should have 4 llamas.

LEVEL 85: (WILD WEST-TOP LEFT OF MAP)Goals: 10 Turkeys; 10 Sheep; 10 Cows; 1 Mega CakeTimes: Gold-3:30; Silver-4:30

Sell the chickens và be very careful with the watering.When the truck returns sell all the collected milk & upgrade the warehouse.When the truck returns again, tăng cấp the truck and sell all the milk & wool. (you may not be able to empty the warehouse)Send the truck again to lớn sell the milk và wool và when it returns tăng cấp the warehouse & truck again.Capture và warehouse the 5 bears.Upgrade the helicopter & purchase as many costumes as you can afford.Dress the bears và sell with the milk và wool.Capture 5 more bears and purchase 5 costumes, dress the bears & sell.When the helicopter returns, tăng cấp the helicopter and purchase 1 cake, 1 curd, 1 souvenir and 1 decoration.Process the mega cake & sell with the wool & milk.There should be enough money when the truck returns to purchase 5 cows, 5 sheep & 10 turkeys.

LEVEL 86: (WILD WEST-TOP LEFT OF MAP)Goals: 3 Cheese; 10 CakesTimes: Gold-2:00; Silver-3:00

Purchase 1 cheese.Upgrade the truck & the warehouse 1 time và sell 10 turkeys.Capture the bear and sell another 5 turkeys và the cheese.Collect about 20 eggs & sell the rest of the turkeys.Make 2 trips with the helicopter & purchase 15 flours total.Make the cakes và expedite the process.Purchase another cheese whenever you have $5,000, then immediately sell the cheese.Sell the last cakes & cookies & this should give you enough to lớn purchase the last cheese.

LEVEL 87: (WILD WEST-TOP LEFT ON MAP)Goals: 5 Mega Cakes; 5 Costumes; 20 Cheeses; $30,000Times: Gold-3:00; Silver-4:00

Produce all milk products 5 at a time.Send the helicopter 2 times khổng lồ purchase 6 enzymes.Upgrade the warehouse and truck 1 time.Capture all bears & sell.Upgrade the warehouse, truck & helicopter to the max as soon as you can afford it.Purchase 8 more enzymes.Sell the cows when you have collected 25 milk. REMEMBER lớn KEEP 5 CURN IN THE WAREHOUSE FOR THE MEGA CAKES.Purchase 5 sewing threads, 10 decorations, 5 cakes and 5 souvenirs.Purchase the weaving & costume factories; upgrade to lớn a màn chơi 5 and produce the 5 costumes while making the 5 mega cakes.

LEVEL 88: (WILD WEST-TOP LEFT ON MAP)Goals: 1 Cake; 1 Costume; 1 CheeseTime: Gold-7:30; Silver-8:30· Purchase 10 flours; tăng cấp the truck và warehouse 1 time.· Purchase the egg related machines & upgrade them all to lớn a cấp độ 3.· Keep producing cakes 3 at time by ordering flour before you need it. You’ll need about 35 cakes.· Try lớn catch the first bear and sell. If you don’t the dog and bear will disappear.· Purchase a sheep và purchase the spinning và weaving factories at level 1.· Catch all bears & sell along with the cakes and fabrics.· Purchase the costume factory along with as many decorations as you can afford.· upgrade the truck và warehouse again.· Keep producing cakes và costumes until you have $13,000.· Purchase a cow and the creamery.· Sell a cream, the cow and the sheep. Make sure you have one milk, cream or curd in the warehouse.· Purchase & enzyme và the rest of the milk related factories.· Produce the cheese.LEVEL 89: (ARCTIC FARM-TOP RIGHT OF MAP)Goals: 5 Eggs; 6 Souvenirs; 6 Cookies; 5 Mega CakesTimes: Gold-3:00; Silver-4:00

Sell 1 walrus.Upgrade the truck 2 times và the warehouse 1 time.Sell all bears & husks.Upgrade the helicopter và purchase 5 Cookies and 5 flours. Make cakes 5 at a time.Sell more husks.Order 2 shiny horns & 2 varnishes; then produce the souvenirs.Sell 1 souvenir, 1 cake, tusks & bears.Purchase 2 more shiny horns và 2 varnishes.Purchase 5 royal penguins. Produce the colored feathers & decorations 5 at a time. Sell the penguins when 5 feathers have been collected.Upgrade the helicopter và order 1 cookie; 1 flour; 2 horns & 2 varnishes.Make the cake & souvenirs and purchase 3 regular penguins.Sell the walruses và when the truck returns purchase 5 curd and make the mega cakes.

LEVEL 90: (ARCTIC FARM-TOP RIGHT OF MAP)Goals: 10 WalrusesTimes: Gold-2:30; Silver-3:30

Purchase 3 walruses and 4 costumes.Catch all 5 bears that arrive during the level và dress them then sell.Produce tusk products 3 at a time.Purchase the fitting room và upgrade the truck and warehouse 2 times.Purchase 1 costume & 5 varnishes, và then send the helicopter again for 5 more varnishes.Sell 2 dressed bears và 3 souvenirs.Sell 3 dressed bears and souvenirs.Purchase a walrus when you have $10,000. Make tusk products 4 at a time.Purchase another walrus when you $10,000 và make tusk products 5 at a time.Wait to lớn purchase the 5 remaining walruses when you have $50,000.

LEVEL 91: (ARCTIC FARM-TOP RIGHT OF MAP)Goals: 2 Creams; 1 Walrus; 5 Royal PenguinsTimes: Gold-6:40; Silver-7:40

Purchase 5 regular penguins & place 5 eggs at a time into the incubator. Be very careful w/the water.Capture and sell 2 bears.Upgrade the warehouse and truck one time and eventually upgrade the truck completely.Keep 10 penguins at a time; incubate penguins 5 at a time và then sell bears and 15 penguins until you have $1,000 plus a little extra and purchase a royal penguin.Produce decorations và sell along with the bears & regular penguins until you have around $8,500; and then sell the royal penguins and regular penguins.Keep incubating eggs và making decorations until you have 5 royal penguins. When you have around $9,000 sell all penguins.Purchase a walrus and sell; make sure you have $1,400 plus the walrus.Upgrade the helicopter 1 time & purchase 2 creams.

LEVEL 92: (ARCTIC-TOP LEFT ON MAP)Goals: 5 Cakes; 5 Costumes; 5 SouvenirsTimes: Gold-6:00; Silver-7:00

Upgrade the warehouse & truck 1 time.Send the helicopter for 4 fabrics; when it returns send it again for 1 more fabric.Process feathers 5 at a time.After you sell the first 5 costumes; tăng cấp the helicopter 1 time và purchase 5 fabrics. Purchase 15-20 fabrics total.Sell all bears.Upgrade the truck và sell 5 more costumes.Purchase a regular penguin & collect 5 eggs then sell the penguin.Purchase a walrus when you have $10,000 plus và sell the royal penguins. Process the remaining feathers then purchase the tusk related factories as you can afford them.Purchase 5 flours and 5 varnishes.Sell the souvenirs và purchase & upgrade the egg producing factories.Sell the walrus after collecting enough tusks lớn make 5 souvenirs; and then tăng cấp the souvenir factory.

LEVEL 93: (EUROPEAN FARM-BOTTOM LEFT ON MAP)Goals: 5 Eggs; 5 Wools; 5 Milks; 1 SouvenirTimes: Gold 1:20; Silver-2:20

Purchase a souvenir & be cautious with the water.Sell the souvenir along with the milk.Capture 2 bears, but don’t warehouse. There is no need lớn use the factories on this level, so if they damage the factories it doesn’t matter.When the truck returns, upgrade to lớn the max.After each animal has produced another product, sell all the animals and all the products.Upgrade the helicopter 2 times and purchase the remaining 3 milks, 3 wools và 3 eggs lớn meet the goals of a quantity of 5 for each of these items.

LEVEL 94: (EUROPEAN FARM-BOTTOM LEFT ON MAP)Goals:1 Mega Cake; 5 Egg Powders; 5 Fabrics; 5 CurdsTimes: Gold-2:20; Silver-3:20

You’ll have to move fast on this level and expedite manufacturing processes as much as possible. Luckily there are no bears on this level.Upgrade the truck to the max & the warehouse 1 time.Purchase a cat.Produce milk products 5 at a time.Sell the cows when 10 milks have been collected & make them into curds for now.When the truck returns, purchase 5 geese và 3 yaks.Upgrade the helicopter 1 time & purchase 9 enzymes. When the helicopter returns purchase 5 flours, 1 decoration & 1 souvenir.Make the 9 cheeses & sell the animals after 5 eggs và 5 wools have been collected. KEEP 1 CURD IN THE WAREHOUSE FOR THE MEGA CAKE.Purchase all egg related factories and upgrade to lớn the max.Start the egg productions and expedite the process.Purchase the mega cake factory và make a cake while purchasing the spinning factory (bottom left of screen) & the weaving factory (middle left of screen). Tăng cấp both factories khổng lồ the max and expedite the wool making process.

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LEVEL 95: (EUROPEAN FARM-BOTTOM LEFT ON MAP)Goals: 50 geese; 5 Cows; 1 Mega Cake; $100,000Times: Gold-15:30; Silver-16:30

Catch 2 bears & sell. There is a slight delay between the 2 bears arrival.Catch a third bear & warehouse.Other bears will arrive; let them roam until the truck returns.Upgrade the warehouse one time.Sell 2 more bears & warehouse the other bears.Upgrade the truck and sell more bears.Purchase 2 geese and sell more bears.When the truck returns, purchase 3 more geese.Sell more bears and purchase 2-3 more geese to have a total of 7-8 geese. Produce the egg products 5 at a time.Sell more bears; after this start keeping the bears in the warehouse as you’ll need about 15 dressed bears khổng lồ reach the money goal.Purchase 10 flours. Start making cakes. It will take around 50 cakes in order to lớn get enough money for some yaks and upgrade the truck và warehouse lớn the max. Tăng cấp the well as desired & upgrade the helicopter 1-2 times. You may also want lớn purchase a cat.Collect 15-20 wools và make fabrics. Purchase 5-10 decorations.When you have 15-20 fabrics và around $8,000 sell the yaks.Purchase the fitting room and upgrade 1 time. Purchase the incubator and upgrade as you can afford it và start incubating eggs and stop making cakes, KEEP 1 CAKE IN THE WAREHOUSE.Concentrate on dressing the bears and purchasing decorations for the costumes while incubating eggs.MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONE CAKE IN THE WAREHOUSE FOR THE MEGA CAKE. After the money goal has been met, purchase 5 cows, the level 2 creamery & level 2 curd factories.Make at least one curd for the mega cake.Send the helicopter for 1 decoration & 1 souvenir.Sell the cows and purchase the mega cake factory and make a mega cake.You can also purchase the extra geese needed in order lớn reach 50 geese.

Congratulations! You beat Farm Frenzy 3!