* No built-in Auto driver. * Not personalized. * Installed Net Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 (other software see in the picture) * Made on Virtual Box virtual machine 4.3.6. * Window Update, Window Firewall, Smart Screen, UAC, Lochồng Screen are turned off when the screen is first logged in. * UAC is turned off but still using normal Metro Apps. * Boot straight into the Desktop, bypass Metro Screen. * Made from the installer of 8.1 8.1 Enterprise (x86 / x64) directly downloaded from Microsoft. * Removed: 1 unnecessary phông, driver printer, scanner driver, languages, keyboards, natural language khổng lồ reduce capathành phố. All that remains is preserved.

I try a few Win 8.1 Lite versions online và offline, there are a few comments:_ Leaving too many system components (drivers, features, service …) lớn low capađô thị but causing tremendous instability. _ Error installing Office “Error 1907.Could not register font” during installation. _ Running Virtual Box is faulty, there is only a way lớn reset another win. _ The dem& for usage is limited, must be divided inlớn many Lite versions: for desktops, for laptops, to lớn work, to lớn play games … The phối of win 8.1 Lite because I fix all weaknesses above point, still ensure low capađô thị and stability. Specifically: The iso file is installed with 8.1 Enterprise 32 bit, which is 1.55 gb, 64 bit is 2.2 gb. 


* No mod tệp tin system.* Enabled Office and Win with Microsoft Toolkit 2.5 Stable, comfortable update (tested). * Tweak the registry and defragment the hard drive before creating ghost lớn optimize tốc độ. * A single account: ADMINISTRATOR * 32 bit ghost version is 2.9 gb, 64 bit ghost version is 3.93 gb (too nice lớn enter Fat32 USB rescue) 

* Integrated Emergency menu to rescue, menu details you see at: 

Update version v2* Fix a few odd errors (error emotibé icon in Yahoo …) * Remove sầu Rocket Doông xã & Start Menu 8, put the software shortcut to the Desktop * Set Window Photo lớn Viewer lớn process View the mặc định image * Move the boot thực đơn khổng lồ the Classic interface instead of Metro khổng lồ make it more convenient to use the rescue menu in time.* It is possible lớn remove the Emergency menu by running Uninstall.exe pháo in the win partition (Run as administrator) * Optimizing Services to lớn speed up booting & shutdown

Download : Ghost win 8.1 Enterprise Full Soft – Office 2013 (64bit) – No Personalization | 1