Reduce the size of your PDFs online easily. Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner, our tools are here khổng lồ help you get things done—better, faster, smarter.

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Most Popular Online PDF Compressor

Our Compress PDF tool was made for compressing large PDFs online for free. Whether you need lớn shrink files for easier emailing, sharing, or storage, you’ll be ready khổng lồ go within seconds.

Flexible PDF Compression

Quick, professional results you can trust—every time. Choose from two compression levels to lớn adapt your file kích cỡ without ever compromising on document quality.


How Does Compression Work?

We take your file, remove repetitive patterns, re-encode heavy images, & voilà—the result is a high-quality, but much lighter PDF. Done in a flash, so you can get work done even faster.

Easy Sharing Once You’re Done

Collaboration is essential for teamwork và getting things done. Once you reduce the kích cỡ of your PDF, it’s super simple to mô tả it with your team or a client. Just use our giới thiệu feature to lớn generate a quick download link.

How lớn Compress PDF Online for Free

Upload your file by dropping it onto this pageSelect your desired compression levelContinue to edit the PDF with our other tools if neededClick “Download” khổng lồ save your compressed PDF

Start Immediately—No Fuss

Nothing khổng lồ install, no training required. Get started immediately with the simplest tool lớn compress your files.

Compress Across All Devices

We’re cloud-based, so you can reduce your file kích thước online via any browser & on any device, from desktop to lớn tablet & mobile.

Compress Other file Formats

Compress more than just PDFs. Use the tool lớn reduce other file types, such as Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, PNG, GIF, và TIFF.

Data Regulation Compliance is GDPR compliant, which means we’re transparent about how we store, collect, and process your personal data.

Certified ISO/IEC 27001

We’re ISO/IEC 27001 certified, so we’re audited annually khổng lồ ensure the safety, security, and integrity of your information.

High-Tech Encryption

We keep your documents secure, even while you’re working on them, with state-of-the-art TLS encryption technology.

Plans & Pricing

Get unlimited access to lớn to compress documents quickly. Includes đôi mươi other document tools for getting work done—your way.

Is this document compression tool miễn phí to use?

Yes! All of our tools, including our tool to compress files, are không tính tiền to use with certain limitations. You’re also not limited to lớn only compressing PDFs; you can reduce the file kích cỡ of other document types, lượt thích MS Office files, JPG, PNG, GIF, & TIFF. Simply drop your files into the tool to get started.

Can I get Compress PDF for my whole team?

Absolutely. We offer both Business và Team plans that give you and your team or business unlimited access to all our Pro features & more. You’ll also enjoy some added extras, such as flexible payment options and priority customer support. Feel miễn phí to contact our sales team for a custom quote.

Do I need a paid Pro account to compress files?

No, you don’t need a Pro subscription lớn compress your documents. That said, a Pro subscription will give you unlimited access to lớn our compression tool, plus all our other tools, so you can convert, e-sign, merge, and split documents, & more—with zero limitations.

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Is the compress tool safe khổng lồ use?

At, we’re committed to safety và security. We’re GDPR compliant, undergo annual audits khổng lồ earn our ISO/IEC certification, and carry advanced TLS encryption, which means that your data, personal information, & documents are safe with us. What’s more, each time you perform a task, like compressing a file, this entire process is fully encrypted for full-scale security.

Document Work Made Easy

Boost productivity in your business with unlimited access lớn all’s tools for taking the hassle out of document work. Do more, better, faster.