Our recommended gyms in ho chi minh city

Vietnam"s bustling largest thành phố sets the cultural and economic pace for the country. The former Saigon boasts charming French colonial architecture and wide boulevards, usually thronged và choked with traffic. Taxis are an option for seeing the sprawling thành phố. The War Remnants Museum shows the Vietphái mạnh War through Vietnamese eyes. Don"t miss the impressive sầu Jade Emperor Pagodomain authority. Go to the frenetic Ben Tkhô cứng Market for food, flowers or frogs. Tour through the Mekong Delta, past rice paddies và houseboats.Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

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Body Shape - Gym Thao Dien is a no-nonsense, workout center, with a commitment khổng lồ remaining a true gym. A place, where you are among friends, và where your well being and fun is our priority. Our services are thiết kế to lớn provide the most personalized offer to lớn our members through variety of classes, teaching styles, highly qualified trainers & coaches, top notch equipment (Nautilus and Shwinn) & most of all accommodating attitude. We create perfect conditions lớn every person khổng lồ train lượt thích an athlete.

Serene life spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is a 4* Day Spage authority. We have sầu spa làm đẹp services, yoga class, wine and juice garden known as S-Lounge và organic products. The Spa features 10 luxurious treatment rooms for skin care & body toàn thân mas sa therapy. With cthua trận proximity lớn the airport, Serene Life Spa is the perfect destination to spkết thúc a couple of hours to lớn tune-up oneself after a long flight or preparing lớn take a flight out of t

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Một không khí im tĩnh với mùi hương thoải mái và dễ chịu, đem lại cảm giác thư giãn tuyệt vời và hoàn hảo nhất là bình luận chung của hầu như đa số ai đã từng đến AYA Spa. Cùng cùng với những điểm vượt trội không giống, AYA Spage authority được quý khách hàng lựa chọn với reviews là một trong những trong những những spa tốt nhất có thể thị trấn Sài Gòn.


Body by Jovie is a unique và innovative sầu Boutique Personal Training và Yoga Studio in Ho Chi Minch City. The studio strives on providing personalized experience lớn all clients. Their specialty is focused on 1 on 1 personal training và also offers challenging fitness classes such as Bootcamp, TRX suspension & HIIT. The thể hình is equipped with advanced cardio, không lấy phí weights for strength training và features functional training tools such as pull-up/monkey bars, barbells, ropes, TRX suspension, kettlebells, sandbells và much more. In addition, the facility has a separate studio providing daily yoga classes conducted by certified yoga instructors. Whether you are a beginner looking for a foundation class or an advanced student looking for a new challenge, Body by Jovie will have the proper classes to fit your needs. Join us today for the ultimate fitness adventure!

Reviewed By walkere76

I have been a member of Body by Jovie for 3 years. I use the gym và have sầu also been attending personal training classes for the past year. My personal trainer is excellent, highly motivating & an expert in his field. Over the course of 12 months I have built my strength, fitness levels and focus. My personal trainer really motivates me khổng lồ push myself và achieve sầu what I didn"t think was possible when I first started out.The thể hình has a really warm and friendly vibe offering a svào sense of community, which makes exercising an enjoyable experience. The range of equipment & facilities, và diversity of classes makes Body By Jovie great value for money.Having worked & lived overseas for đôi mươi years, Body by Jovie is, by far, the best gym and professional outfit I have trained at; I highly recommkết thúc these guys.