IDM is a software that supports & manages downloads on computers, helping users to lớn increase the best file tải về speed, IDM has updated lớn the latest version IDM 6.35 Build 3 fixes video download errors on Firefox old version, you can Follow the tải về link in the article và see what’s new in this Build 3?

IDM 6.35 The tool helps to lớn increase the download speed of software data by 5 times thanks lớn the multithreading mechanism when downloading, in addition, IDM also supports resume tải về file that users vày not need khổng lồ reload the data from the beginning when the file tải về process is unfortunately failed due to loss of connection, network problem, computer shutdown or unexpected power nguồn failure.

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The latest IDM 6.35 Build 3 has been officially released

Version IDM 6.35 new adds compatibility with Windows 10, adds an IDM download panel for web users. In addition, this release features full tư vấn for Windows 8.1 (Windows 8, Windows 7 & Vista), page grabber, development scheduler, and MMS protocol support, adding improved integration for internet Explorer 11 và IE based browsers… along with a host of other improvements và new features.

IDM 6.35 Build 3 fixes đoạn phim download errors on Firefox old versions

What’s new in version 6.35 Build 1?

– địa chỉ proxy identification feature in browser & automatically use in IDM when IDM cannot tải về directly. Identity works for all VPN extensions in Firefox and for some VPN extensions in Google Chrome.

– Added feature to lớn set User Group – Agent or “User-Agent” title for manually added downloads. You can vì this by going khổng lồ IDM Preferences -> select “Download”. Anti-virus software settings will be moved to a separate dialog box lớn simplify the “Download” tab

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– Improved, enhanced video recognition in website player

– Identify the cause of the “403 Forbidden” error và how to lớn fix it when downloading some videos on the web browser. Found the cause of “403 Forbidden” error when loading some videos & fixed it.

– Fix some other errors in the previous version that were still made

What’s new in version 6.35 Build 3 (latest version)?

– IDM 6.35 Build 3 fixes file name recognition errors, video chất lượng on some websites.

– Fixed video clip download, compatibility issues with older versions of Firefox browser.

– Fix other bugs in the previous version.


IDM 6.35 Build 3 interface when viewing version information

How to tải về IDM 6.35 Build 3 new version

– To download IDM 6.35 Build 3 For the latest, you can access the direct download link here: tải về IDM 6.35 Build 3

– After downloading, please upgrade lớn the new version by install IDM then use and experience the latest features in this Build 3.

Above is all new version information IDM 6.35 Build 3 fixes đoạn phim download errors on Firefox old versions along with some new features updated & added in this release.

Xem thêm: 2/5 Giờ Bằng Bao Nhiêu Phút, Có Bao Nhiêu Phút Trong: 2/5 Giờ You can use IDM Free for a period of 30 days before purchasing the official license to lớn use. The license price for 1 year for 1 PC will be 11.95 USD / 1 year of use. If you buy a permanent license for 1 PC, the price will be only 24.95 USD. If you buy the version for 2 or more PCs, the price will be adjusted và at a very reasonable level. You can watch it directly on the IDM page HERE For reference information, choose.

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