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a:hover>:text-black <&>a>:shadow-underline-gray-13 <&>a:hover>:shadow-underline-black text-gray-13">The SwitchBot Lock has a distinctive look.

The $99 SwitchBot Lock is the first smart door lock I’ve tested that doesn’t replace any part of your existing lock. Instead, it attaches to the back of your door over the đứng đầu of the thumb turn. This removes a major pain point of smart locks: an involved installation. But the SwitchBot Lock is really odd looking — my husband literally stopped in his tracks & said, “What is that thing?” I had a similar reaction when I first saw it & was wholly unconvinced this large piece of đen plastic would have the power khổng lồ unlock my deadbolt. 

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I was surprised to discover that the SwitchBot Lock moves that thumb turn just as well as I can, và it stayed firmly put during my two weeks of testing, despite being attached solely by double-sided sticky tape. (No word yet on long-term durability, but it looks promising so far).

The downsides are that it’s not very smart & it’s missing a few key features (haha). You also need around $70 worth of accessories to địa chỉ cửa hàng smart trang chủ control and a keypad. This puts it closer in price to more elegant-looking solutions, such as the $230 August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which needs a bit more work lớn install but doesn’t leave you with a honking great piece of plastic on your door.