For bad reasons I need to mix memory_limits higher than 1 GB for a directory, but on my PHP 5.2.17 on a Debian 5.0 (Lenny) VPS when I use, for example, 2048M, I get only the php.ini default value (256M).

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PHP runs as an Apabịt module, & phpinfo gives us (for the directory):

memory_limit 1024M 256Msuhosin.memory_limit 0 0Is there a limitation due lớn an Apache module, or the PHP configuration? I know the VPS only has 4 GB of RAM. It"s just a special script.



How are you trying lớn phối the memory limit? phpinfo() shows current PHPhường reserved memory limit, và this is what is available due to lớn php.ini having that phối as a memory limit.

Writing this lớn the Apabít .htaccess file in your script directory might work if your hệ thống supports setting PHP commands through .htaccess:

php_value memory_limit 2048MSince it may be possible that .htaccess commands for setting PHPhường. values are turned off. Then you can also try this from PHPhường code:

ini_set("memory_limit", "2048M");If this doesn"t work & .htaccess also doesn"t work, then you need lớn tương tác the VPS administrators.



I had this same issue where I needed my PHP. script khổng lồ use 4 GBs of RAM. The reason doesn"t matter. The goal was to lớn phối a 4 GB limit in PHP.

The initial idea was to lớn use ini_set("memory_limit", "4096M");, but I found that this didn"t work. I have sầu no idea how or why lớn be honest, but that wasn"t important khổng lồ me at the time. I"m on a system with 32 GBs of RAM, & it has lớn be possible.

I found that setting a limit 1 MB less actually worked, & it"s a solution that worked for me.

ini_set("memory_limit", "4095M"); // 4 GBs minus 1 MBActually, I"ve sầu never really played with it before, but I"ve noticed on my system that this value seems to completely remove all memory limits for me. I"m able to use as much RAM as my system possibly provides.

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As described in Hardened-PHP - Configuration, Suhosin will not let you set a value greater than the one the script started with.

If you mix the suhosin.memory_limit to 2048M then you"ll be able khổng lồ increase your memory usage.

The limit of

ini_set("memory_limit", "4095M"); // 4 GBs minus 1 MBis related khổng lồ the operating system (OS). With a 32-bit OS you must use this maximum limit.

I resolved an issue with memory_limit today using this workaround.

Using a higher limit, PHPhường has strange behaviour. It returns exhausted memory in some public non-static method class when a class was instanced, but putting a die() in the __construct method (khổng lồ thử nghiệm the problem).

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