Minecraft vs


Garry"s Mod, honestly. Believe me, I played all of them for at least over 150 hours each, so I should know.

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Minecraft lacks replayability & the fanbase often dilutes the experience. Roblox was designed with kids in mind, & because of that you will see nothing but kids larping & playing unusual and gimmicky games, such as Tycoons and family sims. Though I lachồng any current knowledge on Roblox because I"ve abandoned the game a long time ago, so things might have sầu changed.
out of the 3 I"d say minecraft is my favorite one especially if you have friends on a private servers where you can play the game the way it was meant lớn be without all the crap from the public servers like plugins to prevent griefing.modpacks lượt thích feed the beast & techic add a whole màn chơi of replayability khổng lồ the game.
‼️I need a ROBLOX Girfriover Asap‼️⚠️Requirement⚠️Level 10 on Phantom Forces