Symantec ghost 11

Installing win in the usual way takes a lot of time. The fasdemo way is khổng lồ use Norton Ghost to Ghost bachồng Win. Can create your own Ghost Win

In the process of using a computer, there are many reasons you need lớn reinstall Windows : maybe your computer has been infected with a vi khuẩn quite badly, or just because your computer has become sluggish after using it. long và install many applications .

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However, installing Windows in the usual way takes a lot of your time , from installing the operating system to the necessary applications, resetting the settings, installing drivers, customizing . so the best solution khổng lồ The problem is khổng lồ use the Norton Ghost software in Hiren"s Boot pre-installed on the hard drive sầu so you can backup và restore everything quickly whenever you want.

To use Norton Ghost you can use the following:

Use the purchased Hiren"s Boot CD. You must have sầu a CD drive. Just need the Boot option on the drive.Create USB Boot & use USB lớn Boot into instead of using CD.Install khổng lồ be able to lớn Boot directly from the HDD .

Of the 3 comtháng ways above, integrating Hiren Boot on the hard drive sầu, Boot directly from the hard drive to Ghost is the easier and more convenient way. You bởi vì not have sầu to print the disc, buy hiren"s boot CD, nor need USB.

So I will guide how to Boot from the hard drive, how khổng lồ use Norton Ghost to backup and reinstall windows easily và quickly.Replacing Win installation from the beginning + installing software + Driver takes a long time .

Installing Hiren"s Boot to lớn the hard drive - How lớn boot directly from the hard drive

Step 1: You need to tải về the tools, .ISO tệp tin below.

Note: The portion of Hiren"s Boot 15.2 disc you downloaded in the links above is as follows: You will need khổng lồ unzip the file lớn see the following:


If you only need khổng lồ use the Norton Ghost 11.5.1 tool , you tải về Norton Ghost 11.5.1.ISO instead of loading the Hiren"s Boot disc.

Step 2:

After installing you run Easy BCD software , select Add New Entry , select the ISO tab .

Part Name : you enter the name will appear on the menu when booting.

*** Part Path : The path to lớn the downloaded iso tệp tin above. If you want the full BOOT tool, choose Hiren"s.BootCD.15.2.iso. If you only need to Boot & use the Norton Ghost tool , you select Ghost.11.5.1.iso.

If an error message appears, you change the file name .iso immediately written without spaces, special characters.

Once completed, click Add Entry.

You can customize a little bit in the Edit Boot Menu .


You leave sầu your Windows as the mặc định, the Count down from section should be small to lớn avoid having lớn wait long each time you boot. Cliông xã Save Settings .

Thus you have sầu created a menu to lớn enter Hiren"s Boot on startup.

Guide khổng lồ backup and restore data with Norton Ghost

1. Create Ghost file:

Once you"ve created a Boot menu, you can baông chồng up your entire system with Ghost software, but before you vì, you"ll need khổng lồ make sure your system is running smoothly & completely. No viruses or malicious code.

When booting, you will see the boot thực đơn appear, select the part you installed earlier.

- Then have sầu 2 options Start BootCD and Start Mini Windows XP..


Part Start Mini Windows XP.. allows you lớn enter windows with a minimalistic interface, serving the needs of copying data when your Windows error occurs và can not start.However, because you need to lớn back up the entire system, you choose Start BootCD.

- Choose No. 2 - Backup tools

There are plenty of tools to backup, here we choose Norton Ghost .


- Select 8 - Ghost (normal) and wait a bit for the program khổng lồ load the files lớn start.

- After loading is complete, we have an interface lượt thích this.


Here is some information about software & developers.

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- Click OK khổng lồ start.

- Choose in order, go to lớn Local => Partition => To Image.


- Then select the partition you want lớn backup.(usually drive C, on top)


- Cliông xã OK.

Then you enter the name và choose where lớn save sầu the Ghost file, you are not saved to the partition you want lớn Ghost.=> Cliông chồng Save sầu.


- Select ghost file compression mode. You can choose Fast (create ghost files with faster speed, but ghost files will have a larger capacity) or High (slower, but lighter ghost files).

Then clichồng Yes lớn begin.

After the process is complete, a message appears, clichồng Continue, then Quit lớn exit and restart the computer. Then open the drive just now you choose lớn save sầu the ghost file created, you will see the tệp tin as VD ghostwin7.GHO

2. Ghost to reinstall Windows - Recover data

In part 1, you learned how khổng lồ create a ghost backup file for an entire drive . Usually you will backup the Windows installation drive. By: after installing Win và full of software, Driver on the computer, you create Ghost file of Win installation drive sầu. Later, when you want khổng lồ reinstall Windows, you only need to lớn Ghost khổng lồ get a full version of Windows.

Or you can also use multiple ghost versions downloaded from the website and stored on your computer . Using Ghost versions of this configuration, you will be installing some popular software, some drivers.

Once you have the Ghost file available on your computer (it can be the one you created yourself or the multi-ghost version you downloaded).Follow these steps to Ghost reinstall Windows.

- You boot into Ghost program as above.

- At Norton Ghost interface, choose  in order of Local => Partition => From Image.


- Then you browse lớn the file Ghost created earlier. If you can"t use the mouse khổng lồ select, you can use the keys up, down, left, right + Tab key khổng lồ make selections. => Cliông xã mở cửa.

- Cliông xã OK.

You easily Ghost Win by downloading a multi-configuration Ghost tệp tin and install it on your computer.

Download the stable và standard Ghost XPhường SP3 version

Download Ghost Windows 7 x64 bit stable, no errors

- Select the hard drive sầu to extract Ghost file , if you only use one hard drive, there will be only one option for you.


Select the partition you want Ghost lớn install Windows into. You will not see the drive letter C, D, E . as on Windows. So you need khổng lồ choose according to lớn the size of the partition, and the partition that installs Windows is Primary . Partitions in red are the partitions containing ghost files, cannot be extracted.


Note: In the selection of hard drives và partitions you need khổng lồ extract, you must be very careful, if you choose the wrong, not only can not reinstall Windows, you also thua trận all data on that drive.

- Click Yes lớn start extracting ghost file.


- Wait for a while for the program to start extracting the file. Once completed, cliông xã Remix computer to restart the computer.

If you use the Ghost created yourself, that"s it, boot into Win và use it.If you use the multi-configuration Ghost, then when you first boot up, you have to lớn wait for Driver installation and activate the type khổng lồ use it.

Good luck.