One punch man season 3 release date might be announced by september 2021

Due to the success of its last season, fans are pretty much excited khổng lồ see what happens in the One Punch Man Season 3. The second season only came out in 2019 after 4 years of a long wait so you can expect a little wait time in the third season also. But the main question here is ‘Will there be One Punch Man Season 3?


Season 2 of One Punch Man did not see that much popularity compared lớn season 1 but it is quite comtháng in anime series. The opening song of the second season did not receive sầu a particularly good response that did hurt the mainstream popularity the franchise received from the first season. The good part here is that their social media has burst with new followers daily và merchandise is also getting popular day by day.

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Is there enough Source Material for One Punch Man Season 3

Source material plays an important role in determining the possibility of a sequel. One punch man is an adaptation from Manga và there are currently a total of 23 manga volumes of One Punch Man out of which 1-7 volumes were used in 2015 for the first season. The next season used 8-16 manga volumes that means we are still left with plenty of material for the next season.

Other than this, One Punch Man Volumes are still ongoing, the recent one being released on 4 Jan 2021, we are hoping for more volumes khổng lồ be released in the next couple of months.

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One Punch Man Sales và Profit

It is quite common in anime world for the sequel lớn sell less than the previous season but the catch here is khổng lồ maintain the sufficient amount of profit khổng lồ survive the next season.

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In One Punch Man’s case, Blu-ray’s sale saw a significant drop, but its manga & merch are doing great in the market earning an exceptionally good amount. They even announced 2 new games, one for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, và PC and the other for iOS and Android devices. Season 2 did hurt the One Punch Man franchise, but we still have sầu high hopes from season 3 to fix it again.