Professional Development Services teacher trainer, Stacey Hughes, invites you lớn mô tả your ideas.

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In our recent travels, we’ve sầu seen some amazing & creative uses of digital technologies in the classroom. As e-course books and educational apps become more comtháng & as teachers begin to lớn see the potential of online practice, they are finding innovative sầu ways lớn use these tools to help motivate students và help them learn. We have sầu started asking teachers, “How vì you improve language skills with e-books, apps, iTools, iTutor & online practice?” Here are some of the responses we’ve sầu had so far.


I love sầu working with iTools because it allows me lớn make new practice activities that used khổng lồ take me ages khổng lồ make before the digital age. One of my favourite features is the thiông chồng trắng pen I can use to erase the words of a text. For example, I erase the words of a picture story, children look at the pictures only và in pairs/small groups they have sầu to come up with a dialogue that matches the messages of the images. This can entirely the same as the original or they could add to it depending on their language cấp độ. Once they have their dialogues, they practise them in pairs & finally act it out in front of the class. As children are the ones who choose the language lớn be used, it motivates them immensely and it helps develop their speaking skills.

– Erika Osváth, Hungary


I like khổng lồ get my students to lớn prepare tasks for each other when they watch the video clips on their Headway iTutor. I ask students khổng lồ choose one clip from the unit, watch the clip at trang chính and prepare some simple questions/true or false statements/etc. about it. They then find a partner who has prepared a different clip lớn them and exchange tasks. They watch the clip at trang chủ & bởi the tasks. Some students lượt thích to lớn give their partner feedbachồng on the tasks e.g. language accuracy. This activity not only helps students to develop their listening skills but also allows them to lớn create tasks that are the right màn chơi for their peers.

– Jules Schoenmann, UK.

A phrase a day app:

At the kết thúc of the lesson, we (teacher và students) decide on the words/phrases to lớn learn, aka ‘words of the lesson’. For homework, students have khổng lồ find a phrase based on one of the words of the lesson in their ‘phrase a day‘ app . We don’t know which phrase each student has chosen. The only thing students have to lớn bởi vì is write it down in their notebook. Their task in the next lesson is to lớn use the phrase naturally in the course of the lesson at any time. So, you need khổng lồ make sure you offer some opportunities for speaking.

You can bởi it the ‘competitive sầu way’: the student who uses their phrase first wins. You may bởi it the ‘responsible way’: Each student is responsible for making sure they use it during the lesson. You nod approvingly when they do so – don’t worry, students will look at you the moment they’ve sầu used it or even let you know loudly!

You can bởi it the ‘hilarious way’ as an activity in itself: piông chồng students in pairs across the table/room, or students next to lớn each other. The situation is this for each pair: They are travelling on a train lớn a distant destination (tell them where). They are complete strangers & bored lớn tears. There is nobody else in the compartment. So they decide to start chatting. The thing is that they have sầu khổng lồ use their phrase naturally in the course of the chat. So they have sầu to lớn steer the conversation. Students are given no time lớn prepare & each pair improvises their chat in front of the class in turns. It can be slow, fast, awkward at times but always surreal and hilarious, but never embarrassing for students. Just let them improvise and allow ‘silences’. You’ll all have sầu a jolly good laugh!

– Anmãng cầu Pariđê mê, Greece.

Let’s create a teacher’s resource!

How vị you use OUP. digital resources? We are interested in your ideas! Please bình luận below how you use OUPhường ebooks, apps, iTools, iTutor, iWriter, and Online Practice. Let’s use each other as a resource and see how many new ideas we can nội dung on this blog.

To celebrate the launch of Project fourth edition, teacher trainer, Gareth Davies looks at three ways to lớn make the digital world work for you in your upper primary classroom.

Over the past few years, technology has gradually become a valuable part of my teaching armoury. My essential teaching tool kit used to be a good course book, a ball, some pictures & coloured pens but now it includes a computer & a Wi-Fi connection as well. Using digital tools in the classroom was a logical progression for me. I had used cassette players và then CD players, đoạn Clip và then DVD so as soon as I got a máy vi tính computer I started lớn think how it could work for me in the classroom. Below I outline the three areas that giải pháp công nghệ has helped khổng lồ enhance my teaching.

Digital Presentation Tools

The first area where I embraced digital in my teaching was using digital presentation tools. I started with a data projector và later started using an interactive whiteboard.

Using a data projector or an interactive sầu whiteboard I can prepare some of my board work before the lesson, which is especially good for grammar or vocabulary presentations. My board work has became clearer & easier lớn follow, helping my students khổng lồ make better notes. I can also save board work và revisit it later in the lesson or in a following lesson, this is really useful if the students haven’t understood a concept or need a reminder. On my computer I have all the listenings & videos I want khổng lồ vì chưng in class as well as access khổng lồ a range of pictures, this means I can appeal khổng lồ a wide range of learning styles and bring variety lớn my lesson.

At first, I was worried that this pre-planning would make my lessons more structured, but I actually find having a computer and the mạng internet in the classroom makes me more flexible. It means I can respond lớn students’ questions by looking things up on the mạng internet or a dictionary CD-Rom as we go along. Also because part of my board work was ready prepared I find I have more time in my classes. This means I can be monitoring my students more và can help those in need. Also having the video on h& all the time means I can change the dynamic of the lesson quickly & easily if I feel the students need something different.

Getting students using technology

These presentation tools were really my toys but I soon found myself asking students to use giải pháp công nghệ for themselves in và out of the classroom.

I have sầu found that my students are more than willing khổng lồ look up definitions or translations using their smart phones. When doing pre-reading tasks they sometimes use their access khổng lồ the Internet to lớn find out information about the topic. This means students become more independent learners & realise that English is not just a school subject but it opens up the world of the web to lớn them.

Computers also became tools for collaborative works such as projects. As well as doing paper projects, we use a range of web tools lượt thích blogs or fotobabble that students work on together. I think the fact that they can edit their work if they notice mistakes makes them more willing to lớn take risks digitally và also more willing lớn phản hồi on each other’s work.

Outside the class for homework or self-study I can use a range of digital tools. For example I ask students lớn find music videos or clips from English language films that they like and that we discuss in class. Or ask them to record themselves speaking and gmail it to lớn me. Students also seem to lớn enjoy doing things on computers that they don’t lượt thích to bởi vì on paper. For example downloading & reading a graded reader on their phone seems more appealing than turning real pages. Similarly doing controlled practice activities digitally, on the OUP trang web or the course book CD Rom was more enjoyable for students because it allows them khổng lồ have sầu more immediacy, they get instant feedbaông xã which means they don’t have sầu to wait for the teacher to lớn check their answers. The ‘try again’ function also means they can vì chưng the activities again và again.

Professional Development

Finally the new digital world makes professional development so much easier. As you are reading this, I can assume that you have sầu already discovered the power of blogs. Blogs are fantastic ways lớn learn about teaching methods và the ideas of people who we would never get a chance khổng lồ meet.

As well as reading blogs I often attover webinars which gives me a chance lớn listen to teachers talk about what they are passionate about và discuss those ideas with other participants. I am also a thành viên of a Facebook group that is lượt thích a virtual classroom, a place where I can nói qua ideas with other teachers.

Finally, I can access the OUP trang web lớn access teaching ideas và resources that help me khổng lồ change the dynamics in the classroom & supplement the course book I am teaching from.

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I’ve come a long way since my early attempts at using PowerPoint to lớn present grammar và I still wouldn’t say I have fully integrated technology inkhổng lồ my teaching. But I have sầu found that digital tools help to lớn engage and motivate students & have sầu helped me lớn make the time I spover with my students much more profitable. How is giải pháp công nghệ affecting your teaching? What benefits has it brought to lớn your classrooms?


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This is a version of the talk I did at IATEFL on Saturday. The powerpoint is the same, I just sat và screen recorded myself this morning. It is about 30 minutes long as I edited bits and could not include the video clip clips I had in the talk. There is also a bit of a clumsy edit in part three for timing reasons. The websites I used for the talk follow the videos. Enjoy and if you have any questions feel miễn phí to lớn leave sầu me a bình luận.