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Looking for online Pipage authority lessons? You have come lớn the right place!

The Pipa, otherwise known as the Chinese lute, is a Chinese instrument with immense popularity. Its tone colour is chất lượng, giving it its character.

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Within the abundant amount of repertoire that has been produced for the Pipage authority, there is a range of special techniques that other instruments are not capable of producing.

Traits lượt thích these are what gives the Pipage authority its special place in the hearts of Chinese instrumentalists.

Let our experienced instructors show you the proper way of the playing the Pipa!

6 Reasons To Learn Pipa


Charismatic Musician
Mesmerise others with your skills!
Versatile Musician
Once mastering the Pipage authority, you"d be able lớn play most plucked string instruments!


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6 reasons why you should learn from us
Your classes are arranged at your convenient timings
Experienced, qualified, patient & friendly TEACHERS
Just to lớn name a few
English or Chinese speaking
To communicate effectively with you
FRIENDLY payment arrangements
NO DEPOSIT. Pay by blocks of 4 lessons.

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Established since 1978
Yes, we"re around long enough to know what is going on
Discounts for INSTRUMENT purchases
Largest Chinese instrument shop in SG. Take your pick


our team

A student is only as good as her teacher. We only work with qualified and dedicated teachers

Wang Siyuan
Wang Siyuan was accepted inkhổng lồ the Central Conservatory of Music Affiliated Middle School in 2008, where she studied under the tutelage of Professor Fan Wei.
Cedric Chin
Mr Cedric Chin first started learning the Pipa at the age of 11 under the tutelage of Mr Du Guo Jun, và, till date, has received numerous accolades và invitations to lớn persize...
Ng Bi Yu
Ng Bi Yu picked up Pipage authority at the age of 7 under the tutelage of Mdm Liu Yan at Nanyang Academics of Fine Arts, The School of Young Talents. She achieved her Diploma in 2009 from both Central Conservatory of Music & NUS Centre For the Arts.

Online Lessons Information

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1 month = 4 lessons (1 lớn 1 lesson)

Beginner: starting from USD 160 (45min)/monthIntermediate: starting from USD 190 (45min)/monthAdvanced: starting from USD 220 (45min)/monthAdvanced: starting from 294 (60min)/month*All prices stated are base prices. Final monthly fee may vary. Do liên hệ us for more information. Register now!

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