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Lightricks Ltd.

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1.3.7 build 1313
Pro Unlocked
October 24, 2021

Pro features unlocked;Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
Motionleap (Enlight Pixaloop) is a professional picture animation but comes packed with features & a user-friendly system khổng lồ master the concept quickly. The great thing is that it supports users with many dynamic và elite AIs, improving accuracy or giving users more quality ideas for making photos realistic. Not stopping there, it also has wide customization khổng lồ adapt lớn the user, lớn enhance editing performance lớn new heights.



The main mechanism in Motionleap is lớn help users create realistic movements with available resources or use image details from the environment. All tools or features for creating motion are dynamic và chất lượng, allowing users khổng lồ directly interact with the image to design the direction of motion. In addition, every movement is accompanied by professional visual effects to create a feeling of realism at first sight.


The in-phầm mềm motion designer is also packed with high nội dung for users to explore its full potential, including changing colors or applying new ones. Some special content is even không tính phí for users khổng lồ use effectively in their many masterpieces or works. Above all, the resource library available in the application will be a great addition for users lớn become more creative and flexible.

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The overview interface in Motionleap will give users the smoothest and most fluid interactions for photography. Meanwhile, its overall design is friendly, elegant, và full of excitement for them lớn get used lớn & master its full potential quickly. It is also divided inlớn many different areas & categories to enhance users’ work performance, giving them the best personalization khổng lồ enjoy all features to the fullest.


Changing the background in the application will open up many new ideas for users in changing the atmosphere around the object in the pholớn. Besides, the sky change function is also useful if the user needs the environment and atmosphere in the pholớn lớn be intoxicating và exotic. Those functions have sầu svào AI support to lớn optimize user interaction and even create a friendly and professional feel to the process.


Users can also use a variety of 3D visual effects from Motionleap lớn bring everything to life inside each picture. It also creates a certain depth & shows the vividness of each image lớn impress the viewer and make them immerse in the nội dung even though it is a still image. The many unique camera modes in the app will continuously bring everyone the most impressive results when applied to every phokhổng lồ.



Filters & effects are convenient additions if users want all their photos lớn have a new & different beauty from the original version. Fortunately, the application also has a multi-layer feature lớn make switching between details or combining them khổng lồ create a novel variation và make every pholớn as realistic as a video. It also has extensive sầu & in-depth customization so that users are miễn phí to personalize everything to work more fluidly và smoothly.

Motionleap mainly emphasizes creating a movement for each image thanks khổng lồ its professional & versatile AIs. Above sầu all, users can express their creativity & thiết kế many attractive sầu và chất lượng masterpieces without having in-depth knowledge or the need khổng lồ become an expert in photo editing.