Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Developer: PopCap GamesPublisher: Electronic ArtsPlatforms: iOS, AndroidReleased internationally: August 15, 2013 (iOS)Released in AU: July 9, 2013 (iOS), October 2, 2013 (Android)Released in CN: September 12, 2013 (Android)

This game has unused animations.

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This trò chơi has unused areas.
This trò chơi has unused playable characters.
This game has hidden development-related text.
This game has unused enemies.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused text.
This trò chơi has regional differences.


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A new Plants vs. Zombies game? It"s about damn time.

This trò chơi notably found a release in trung quốc that has completely different mechanics, assets and content. For more details, click here.

To do:There are two pages on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki that have more unused nội dung and more upcoming information than this page. địa chỉ cửa hàng them here. (Also, update this page to be in line with the latest release.)

To do:apparently I have heard about concept art for plants that never made it into the final trò chơi (like the mammoth nut), can someone put it in a prototype/prerelease article?


1 Unused/Prototype Plants1.1 Far Future descriptions1.2 Dark Ages Unused Plants1.3 Dark Ages Descriptions2 Unused Powerups3 Unused Levels3.3 Far Future3.6 The Beach5 Unused Zombies6 Oddities7 Early và Internal Names9 XML Files11 Development Leftovers

Unused/Prototype Plants

Unlike the other plants, these lack a mô tả tìm kiếm header & plantfood text.

Far Future descriptions

Descriptions that have been changed with plants from Far Future.


Present in the code since the game"s launch, although its mô tả tìm kiếm was changed. It is verbatim what Starfruit"s Almanac entry was in the previous game, & was likely used as a placeholder until a new joke was written.

StarfruitFLAVOR"Aw, man," says Starfruit. "I went to lớn the dentist the other day & he said I have four cavities. I"ve got --count it-- ONE tooth! Four cavities in one tooth? How does this happen?"Starfruits shoot stars in 5 directions.STARFRUIT_PLANTFOODShoots stars in 5 directionsCitronAlso present in the code since the game"s launch, though (again) its mô tả tìm kiếm was changed. ("too" is misspelled as "to")

CitronFLAVORSince he was a young citrus he tried to donate plasma to help out people, but his juices were to lớn acidic. Then he discovered how khổng lồ donate a different kind of plasma.Citrons shoot powerful balls of plasma.Shoots powerful balls of plasmaLaser BeanAlso present in the code since the game"s launch, though (again) its mô tả tìm kiếm was changed.

Laser BeanKEYWORDRange: STATall zombies in a laneFLAVORWas just a regular bean until a lab accident involving a chemical spill & a radioactive weevil gave him strange powers beyond those of normal beans.Laser Beans fire down a lane, hitting all zombies ahead of it.LASER_BEAN_PLANTFOODShoots a laze that pierces through zombiesTile TurnipAlso present in the code since the game"s launch, though (again) its mô tả tìm kiếm was changed.

Tile TurnipFLAVORThrough great sacrifice comes great power Tiles. Such is the way of the Tile Turnip.Tile Turnips create a power Tile on planting.Creates a power nguồn TileMarigoldPresent on the game"s loading screen & in the shop in the Chinese version, although it currently only appears during gameplay in the Zen Garden. With external modifications, it can be used in normal levels.

If used in normal levels, the Marigold acts like it did in the first game, although it may sometimes go khổng lồ sleep. Also, its plant food ability will produce a lot of coins và kill the plant.

MarigoldKEYWORDSpecial: STATgives coinsFLAVORMarigold spends a lot of time deciding whether khổng lồ spit out a silver coin or a gold one. She thinks about it, weighs the angles. She does solid research và keeps up with current publications. That"s how winners stay ahead.Marigolds give you coins.MARIGOLD_PLANTFOODGives you coins

Dark Ages Unused Plants

Pult-shroomPult-shroomTO-DOPult-shroom flings projectiles over obstacles at the enemy. It flings more projectiles over time.Flings more projectiles over timeScaredy-shroomScaredy-shroomTO-DOScaredy-shroom is a long-range shooter that hides when enemies get near it.Long-range shooter, hides when enemies are nearbyThis plant was going lớn return from the first game, however, when cactus was reintroduced from the first game, it was given this ability to lớn hide (as it was given different abilities), but it hurts the zombies like how Spikeweed & Spikerock did.

Dark Ages Descriptions


Puff-shroomTO-DOPuff-shroom is a short-range shooter. It only lasts for a limited time.Short-range shooter, lasts for a limited time

Unused Powerups

Valuable Mowers Upgrade

valuable_mowersValuable MowersDrops more money for each lawnmower at the over of a levelvaluable_mowersLawnmowers drop two coins instead of just one

Longer Powerup Duration Upgrade

upgrade_powerup_duration_1UPGRADE_POWERUP_DURATION_1Increase the duration that your powerups are activeupgrade_powerup_duration_2UPGRADE_POWERUP_DURATION_2

Collectable Bacon

Yep, bacon. Why? Who knows.

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bacon_collectionBACONCollect bacon. Because Bacon.IMAGE_WORLDMAP_BACONfeature_collectable_baconcollectable_baconCollectableJunkIMAGE_ENDLEVEL_BACONPresentTypeJunkbacon_oneIMAGE_ENDLEVEL_BACONJunkNamebaconBaconpocalypse

Vase Breaker Powerup

powerupvasebreakercolorPowerupVaseBreakerColor IMAGE_UI_POWERUPS_POWER_VASEBREAKERCOLOR

Cherry Bomb Powerup

There is text related khổng lồ Cherry Bomb being a powerup.

Plant Cherry Bomb to lớn destroy zombies!Cherries are the BOOM!Choose Cherry Bombs as a power nguồn Up and explode today"s Piñata Party.LevelPowerupsCherryBomb powerupcherrybomb PowerupSeedPacket

Unused Levels