Plants vs zombies: minecraft warfare mod 1

Welcome to lớn Plants vs Zombies hack made by Hung_Teen. Plants vs. Zombies thủ thuật aims khổng lồ integrate the gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies with Minecraft, & bring players an quality survival adventure.

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How khổng lồ play:

This gian lận adds a large number of plants và zombies from the original Plants vs. Zombies, as well as some original or funny plants and zombies. Players need to lớn collect essence, plant seeds, & ore lớn craft plant cards. Plants can be summoned through plant cards. With the help of plants, players can better resist the invasion of zombies.


Plant Level System: Most plants have levels, increasing plant màn chơi can make plants stronger.

Energy Bean: can make plants be super mode.

Currency: This thủ thuật has two currencies, money và gems, và there is currently Crazy Dave’s cửa hàng.

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Zombie House: A chất lượng structure generated in the world, usually with a treasure chest and a quái dị spawning cage with plant enjoy cards.

Enchantment: with some special enchantments, such as charm and explosion.


At present, the lachạy thử version of 1.12.2 and 0.7.9 has 32 plants và 32 zombies, & the lademo version of 1.15.2 và 0.3.3 has 55+ plants và 40+ zombies.


Discord Server:


The 1.12.2 version is no longer lớn update.

It"s recommend khổng lồ add a Patchouli thủ thuật 1.15.2-1.2-35 if you are playing this hack in1.15.2-0.2.1+

1.12.2 use Diamond Sword right cliông chồng plant lớn use Plant Food



HungTeen's Plants vs Zombies Mod
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