PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds" di động version

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale shooter game developed by Games. As the mobile version of the hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, this trò chơi brings all the fun and action of the original hit video game into mobile devices.

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This game is largely similar khổng lồ other kích hoạt games for điện thoại such as call of Duty: Mobile và Rules of Survival, bringing together a huge number of players in a large map. These players gather resources lượt thích weapons và resources và try to lớn survive as the stage continuously shrinks.

Bring the PUBG goodness on the go

With its graphics & features, expect PUBG điện thoại to take quite a chunk of your storage space–anywhere 1.5 to lớn 2GB of storage space including its updates. However, as long as your device can handle the app’s system, you won’t any problems running it and the game. Users will immediately feel the action, showing your customizable character và offers for in-app purchases. An easily visible & accessible feature, however, is the “START” button, which sets you up for matchmaking.

As far as chơi game goes, it retains all the complexities và the actions of the original game in its smartphone version. It sports a realistic và interactive, such as plants that move you pass through them as well as vehicles you can ride around the maps and use to lớn eliminate other players by running through them. It offers smooth animation graphics, which can be as you bởi actions such as running, crawling, and jumping over obstacles.

It also compresses the full keyboard control from PCs lớn intuitive sản phẩm điện thoại control. With a joystick on the left side of the và a set of kích hoạt buttons on the right. This can be modified in the settings to adapt khổng lồ left-handed players or those that need larger buttons. Regardless, it will still take some time khổng lồ get used to lớn these controls, especially with the fast-paced kích hoạt that the trò chơi offers.


Another persisting concern is the connectivity issues that plague the multiplayer game. if you have a stable mạng internet connection, it doesn’t assure you that you won’t get disconnected in the middle of the game. While reconnecting shouldn’t be an issue, in a fast-paced, real-time game such as this, the time you away from the trò chơi might as well be an opportunity for khổng lồ pick you out & loot your helpless character.

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Winner, winner dinner

One of the best battle royale games available, PUBG smartphone pushes the limits of your device to lớn bring you a lifelike survival Of course, it comes with a hefty storage but that’s khổng lồ be expected from games like this. It’s definitely worth it, with its great translation of the game for di động devices. While it still has its problems, such as cheaters và connectivity issues, these are not widely & you can still a good battle royale game.