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C.T.O."s thành viên Yuching"s (YC) arrival in Korea earlier this October made Lee Kwang Soo"s fans, Running Man cast thành viên, excited to witness the meeting of the two. Photos of YC và Lee Kwang Soo circulated online showing the big resemblance between the two, making YC as the "lost twin" of the Running Man star.

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In his Instagram post, YC mentioned his excitement in coming to Korea. "I am looking forward khổng lồ meeting the Asian Prince, Lee Kwang Soo." He added in the post. YC is the first Chinese idol expected khổng lồ have an appearance as a guest in a Korean reality show.

YC"s post was followed by the excited fans looking forward lớn YC & Lee Kwang Soo"s meeting. Fans of both idols expect YC khổng lồ appear on Running Man as a guest to watch the two mô tả the screen.

In an earlier episode of SBS" Running Man in July, Yu Jae Sok brought up the topic of the rumored "doppelganger" of co-star Lee Kwang Soo in Trung Quốc. Lee laughed during the talk & admitted that the idol really looks lượt thích hyên ổn.


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The topic became a hot issue when the photos of YC in his trainee days was compared to Lee Kwang Soo"s pholớn. Netizens couldn"t agree more on the uncanny resemblance of the two. The cast members of Running Man were shocked when presented with the photo of the two placed together.

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"This is unbelievable." Jee Seok Jin commented.

In 2019, Lee Kwang Soo was also connected with the actor Han Ki Bum due to the two"s resemblance. In one of the previous episodes of Running Man in 2019, Han Ki Bum appeared as one of the challenges Lee Kwang Soo and Kyên ổn Jong Kook were tasked to not laugh with the actor. Han even imitated Lee"s famous "mosquito dance" from the sitcom, High Kick Through Roof.

Besides being a part of the Running Man"s cast members for 10 years, Lee is also known as an actor who always pits his best in every role he gets. Recently this September, Lee Kwang Soo bagged the Best Supporting Actor at the 56th Baeksang trọng Awards for his outstanding performance in the movie Inseparable Bros.

The Running Man star Lee Kwang Soo did not just describe himself as an actor, but rather an individual artist who"s willing to transsize himself inlớn someone who gives laughter & make everyone moved.

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On the other hand, Running Man, the show gives a lot of laughter lớn the audienceis celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Lee Kwang Soo, together with Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Yang Se Chan, Jeon So Min, Jee Seok Jin, Ha Ha, và Yu Jae Seok is expected to continue bringing joy to lớn their viewer"s hearts.

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