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Have fun with your friends and family by playing this collection of excellent multiplayer games via iMessage!GamePigeon features following games:~ 8-Ball~ Mini Golf~ Basketball~ Cup Pong ~ Archery~ Darts~ Tanks~ Sea Battle~ Anagrams~ Mancala ~ Knockout ~ Shuffleboard ~ Chess ~ Checkers ~ Four in a Row~ Gomoku~ Reversi ~ đôi mươi Questions ~ Dots và Boxes ~ 9-Ball ~ Word Hunt ~ Word Bites~ Filler~ Crazy 8!More games are coming soon!Attributions:Basketball Basket - by Scopia Visual Interfaces Systems, s.l. ( và Eteks (, licensed under CC BY 4.0


I absolutely adore this game. My fav is 8 ball. I dominate. But, I have a few suggestions. When you first get the app you should be able to lớn make a profile/account so that you don't loose all of your progress. I recently got an iPhone 12 for Christmas và immediately got game-pigeon. But, my 8 ball streak was back khổng lồ zero when it was originally 155 wins. So please fix this. Also, I had an iPhone 6 which was a piece of garbage but, game-pigeon actually worked. Now on my iPhone 12 it wont even let me xuất hiện it. When I go khổng lồ the tiện ích bar & press game-pigeon, it shows that I have pressed it by being in bold, but it won’t xuất hiện the actual app. And when a friend sends me a game, it will just the spinning thing but it won’t actually open. I really vì love this game. Please fix it. & another thing. Add MORE GAMES!!! There are so many other games we can play. So try to be creative. & I agree with the other users. Game-pigeon+ is stupid & a waste of money so just get rid of it. I may have sounded harsh but I love this trò chơi so much. I recently had covid-19 and it cheered me up every time a friend sent me a game-pigeon. It just saddens me that I can no longer play it.

Love GamePigeon+, but something could make it better!

I love GamePigeon, & GamePigeon+ just makes things better! But I have some suggestions for GamePigeon+ that would make it the best. Maybe more game modes và maps for Archery, Filler, 8/9 Ball, Knockout, Paintball, & Darts. For example, a new game mode for Archery could be a moving target just lượt thích the basketball game mode, or a larger board. Some new maps for archery could be the 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. A new game mode for Filler could be more layouts for the board, similar khổng lồ word hunt with GamePigeon+, or more colors to lớn play with. A new game mode for 8/9 ball could be timed game, where you only have a few seconds khổng lồ make a move. This could also be a trò chơi mode for a lot of other games, such as Archery and Filler. A new trò chơi mode for Knockout could be a timed game, or more/less penguins to lớn play with. Some larger/smaller maps would be cool too! A new trò chơi mode for Paintball could be more tire stacks to hide behind, và some new maps could be different locations, lượt thích a thành phố or a jungle. The object you hide behind would change with each new maps too. A new trò chơi mode for Darts could be a larger board or a moving board, or a timed game. Also, I have a suggestion for not only GamePigeon+, but GamePigeon in general. An option khổng lồ playback previous moves of a game. These are just some suggestions, but it would be awesome to lớn see them in-game! Thank you!

Love the games, but they are getting greedy!

I love playing these games with people, and I’ve already bought GamePigeon+ to lớn remove ads & unlock some other levels, I mean okay, that’s fair. But then you get lớn the things of other micro transactions. Word reveals, which I thought were free, turns out you only get a few. After that? “Want more reveals? Buy them!” “Want more aircrafts in Sea Battle? Buy them in packs!” “Want more add-ons for 8-Ball? Buy them for only a few dollars a pack!” (Yeah it doesn’t even get you all for that game, only lượt thích 5)I love the games, & GP+ is a fair price. But now for them to lớn put an individual price tag on literally any other object or function that isn’t unlocked by GP+, that’s just getting real greedy, real fast. I was even willing lớn put up with some of it. Even bought some extra aircraft. But what finally had me write this review was, the word reveals at the over of the word games, which I was under the impression were a function at the end of the game, & weren’t limited in any way of use. Nope. You get x amount of reveals, then you gotta buy more. Seriously? That’s when I just declared greed. I guess I don’t NEED anything else, so I’ll continue lớn play, ad-free, because I already bought GP+, but they aren’t getting any more money out of me. Hell, if it was all 99 cents that would be somewhat okay, but all these extra packs per game, are several dollars a piece. It’s ridiculous. Get over yourself.

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Compatibility iPhone Requires game ios 10.0 or later. máy tính bảng ipad Requires iPadOS 10.0 or later. iPod touch Requires quả táo 10.0 or later.

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

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GamePigeon+ $4.99 All Pool Cues $4.99 Pool Cues - Evil Pack $1.99 Pool Cues - Variety Pack $1.99 All Aircrafts $1.99 Pool Cues - Animal Pack $2.99 Cup Pong - Variety Pack #3 $1.99 Cup Pong - Scary Pack $1.99 Cup Pong - Variety Pack #1 $1.99 Pool Cues - Patterns Pack $1.99