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Parallel Space
LBE Tech

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Parallel Space Pro app android is an extremely great application developed by LBE Tech. The application allows users to copy và run multiple accounts on one application.

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About Parallel SpaceMOD game android version of Parallel Space

About Parallel Space

Sometimes you play online games & want to lớn play multiple accounts at the same time. & this is the application that you have been searching for so long. You can use multiple social networking accounts & games at the same time without having to log out và log in lớn another account. This great tool will copy applications & license lớn run independently. Therefore, you bởi vì not need lớn worry about being interrupted when using multiple accounts. In addition, the application also has many other outstanding advantages.



Parallel Space has an extremely easy-to-use interface & optimizes the application it duplicates. Your application is not only cloned but also optimized khổng lồ the maximum. Therefore, you will have the smoothest experience without worrying about frame jerks. More specifically, the interface is extremely beautiful & easy to use. With a simple interface, not too fussy will make new people quickly get acquainted. In addition, you can change the interface according to your own preferences.

The next feature that this great application offers is that it supports all the applications you have installed và some system apps. It will duplicate the new application as a newly installed và unused application. And the application that Parallel Space clones will have an outline around it for easy identification. You can also địa chỉ cửa hàng cloned application shortcuts to your home screen for easy use.

The last floating feature is to hide the favorite application. Parallel Space will hide the application you want and showroom in itself. This is very convenient if you have some applications that want to lớn hide information, private photos, … but fear your friends and lovers borrow the device & find out, you can hide it.

Some things to lớn note

To use Parallel Space you have khổng lồ license it. Và publisher LBE Tech has committed that it is compatible and replicates all applications. But please cảnh báo that cloning & running multiple applications will still consume memory. Especially battery life will spend a lot when you xuất hiện two applications in parallel at the same time. Và the memory will consume as well as the original application, you can kiểm tra it through the Storage section in Parallel Space. In addition, you can back up data lớn your Google account so that data is not lost when you delete the application or reinstall the device.

One more thing but equally important. If you want khổng lồ use multiple social network accounts at the same time showroom Parallel Space to the exceptions menu in the standby application. Adding an exception các mục will help you get the news in time & there is no delay in time.

That’s all the quảng cáo online wants you to note. Please read carefully to lớn answer the questions you encounter when using.

MOD android version of Parallel Space

MOD Features

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Download Parallel Space Pro game android (MOD Unlocked) for Android

LBE Tech is indeed a great quảng cáo online when it succeeded in creating Parallel Space. It is very convenient, now I can play many online trò chơi accounts & hang up at the same time. In addition, you can use it for many different purposes. If you have a need lớn use it, download the application right away via the liên kết below the article. Và please leave a comment, review this ứng dụng or my article to support me.

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Currently, Parallel Space has a Lite version to lớn reduce the capacity of the application. Và the application also supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems for everyone.