No internet? no problem! the best android games to play offline

There are still places untouched by the enlightening hands of the Internet. If you and your Android device end up in one of these dark places, you may feel cut off from the rest of the world. Don"t panic,the solution is simple – here are thebest offline Android games for you khổng lồ check out, recently updated withnew recommendations for you khổng lồ try.

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Here is a các mục of offline games that we highly recommend. The menu comprises a cross-section of different genres. As always, this is a subjective sầu menu & we look forward khổng lồ your feedbaông chồng and ideas for more offline games. We"ve sầu added three more games on this list in the lademo update (as of May 2021).

Most free-to-play games vị offer a certain graphical chất lượng while many of them have features limited lớn online use since that"s a big part of how they make money (by showing online ads, encouraging competition with better-equipped players, & so on). Generally speaking, premium paidgames tend khổng lồ see a greater degree of offline play, although there are still offline games available for không tính phí. We"ve picked out the best of the bunch for you to lớn enjoy!

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Alto"s Odyssey

We have already recommended this chilling game lớn you in a different article because of its beautiful graphics. It works well with the amazing sound and wonderfully relaxed gameplay where you will be able lớn kill time on Alto"s Odyssey whenoffline.

It is the perfect title for moments when you will remain offline for a longer period of time, such as when you are on a flight. There is no point in getting all worked up then since this game relaxes you and keeps you captivated even during a long session, where you will feel as though time flewby (ba-dum-tsh!) quickly. Alto"s Odyssey offers all of the above, which is why we highly recommover this endless running titlelớn you.

Price: Free, in-game ads (Android) / $4.99 (iOS).In-App purchases: Yes (Android) / No (iOS).


Grid is a racing game that comes across as highly recommended. This title offers nail-biting races with plenty of cars, tracks, và modes to lớn choose from. Along the way, you will also be able lớn unlock plenty of items, providing long term motivation that should help you last the distance (heh heh heh). This is one of the rare racing games that offer just about everything right from the very beginning!

Forking out less than $10 for this title is well worth every penny, as it has everything you need to lớn be happy offline. You don"t have to lớn wait until you are given more turns to continue playing or purchase additional turns with money, và neither vì you have sầu khổng lồ fork out more money lớn buy additional tracks, gaming modes, or cars. Once you have handed over $9.99 for it, you have total peace ofmind to lớn hit the digital asphalternative text offline.

Price: $9.99.In-App Purchases: No.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is one of those games that has been with me for many years. This means it is not a new title - far from it. In fact, it has not been updated over the past two years, but this does not detract from the màn chơi of fun that the game offers if you ask me. In fact, when I was offline again recently and discovered that some of the games I wanted to indulge in did not work, I launched Smash Hit và thoroughly enjoyed myself.

You move sầu through levels that are fairly easy at first, shooting bullets to lớn destroy all that comes across your screen on both left & right sides. The difficulty cấp độ ramps up rather quickly, ensuring that seasoned veterans would not be able lớn complete this game easily. What is that saying about games such as this? "Easy to lớn learn, difficult khổng lồ master"or it"s equivalent.

Once again, this title focuses on a relaxed gaming session. This maxyên ổn becomes more true when wearing a pair of headphones, as it develops an almost hypnotic attraction due to lớn the soundtrachồng while automatically forcingyou time và again lớn restart just to lớn beat your previous efforts.

Price: Free of charge.In-App Purchases: Yes.

Mini Metro

Are you a born đô thị planner? In Mini Metro for both Android and iOS platforms, you are tasked with equipping the largest và most diverse cities worldwide with a functioning mass transit system. The fun factor is there from the very beginning, where you switch và move sầu on a 2 chiều bản đồ while checking out the underbelly of each city.

The game relies on symbols to show you which passengers need to lớn be transported to their respective sầu destinations. It"s up to lớn you to lớn connect the stations. Each week (time moves differently in the game & does not correspond khổng lồ real-world time), you will receive sầu new locomotives, lines, tunnels, bridges, or wagons for you to continue developing the city"s transportation system.

Here is an important tip: Always keep an eye on the most important metro stations. If a station is overcrowded, the game ends. The goal of the game is khổng lồ prevent overcrowding at stations when playing, which will obviously affect your high score in return.

In normal mode, Mini Metro is always playable offline. In "Daily" mode, there"s also an online variantwhere you can compete with players worldwide.

Price: $0.99 (Android) / $3.99 (iOS).In-App Purchases: No.

Bricks Breaker Puzzle

Bricks Breaker Puzzle for iOS and Android is all about breaking things, albeit in a harmless manner though. You shoot a ball by tapping the screen. With it, you have khổng lồ hit the bricks và break them. The item"sdurability is displayed as a number, if it drops khổng lồ 0, it will break, with the caveat that it must not fall onto lớn the ground. Okay, probably everybody knows the game"s mechanics that stems from the classic Alleyway, right?

Bricks Breaker Puzzle also offers a multiplayer mode where you can compare your stats. This feature is only available when you are online.


The Room: Old Sins - An offline game for puzzle fans

The fourth game in The Room series for Android & iOS is great, và once again the developers have hit the sweet spot. The Room: Old Sins takes you lớn the attic of an old house, where you have lớn solve the mystery of the disappearance of a married couple. All clues lead lớn a dollhouse, but there"s far more lớn it than meets the naked eye.

The Room: Old Sin scores well with its atmospheric graphics và chất lượng puzzles that are never impossible lớn solve. This is the perfect puzzler for those who are on a longer commute và would like to enjoy their offline mode by walking through The Room"s universe. The third part introduced the possibility of discovering additional endings at the over of the first run-through, & by extension, this game has also seen the fourth installment.

Price: $4.99.In-App Purchases: No.Its three predecessors also come across as highly recommended & can be purchased at an even cheaper price.

Mekorama: Monument Valley for robot friends

If you"ve ever played Monument Valley, you"ll also find pure joy in Mekorama for both Android and iOS. In this offline game, you control a small nameless robot by navigating it through carefully crafted 3 chiều worlds. Using the "tap-to-move" mechanism, you indicate the direction in which the little robot should wander.

The difficulty of this game lies in the towers on which the robot moves - these are 3D towers. In higher levels, you will have khổng lồ turn a lot và consider both elevators và tunnels along the way khổng lồ ensure your little robot arrives at its destination safely. To make matters more challenging, the robot can also fall off - in which case you"ll have khổng lồ start the cấp độ all over again.

The nice thing about Mekorama is that you not only have 50 levels lớn indulge in, but you can also create your own levels. Self-created worlds can then be shared with your friends around the world via QR code. But even the existing 50 levels are challenging enough for most. If you have sầu VR glasses, you can even play Mekorama as a VR version, but thisversion will mix you bachồng by $3.99.

Price: Free, advertising.In-App Purchases: Yes.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition: Bring your battles offline

One of my criticisms of Street Fighter IV, when it was first released for Android, was that it required an Internet connection to lớn play. Thankfully, Capcom has since lifted that restriction, allowing you to continue your brawls when you are offline.

Of course, you won"t be able to lớn compete against other human players, but even against the AI, it"s the best offline fighting game for Android and iOS. In the không tính phí version, you basically have a chạy thử with Ryu and a few other characters.

For $4.99, you unloông xã Chun-Li, Guile, và all of the other classic fighters from the arcade, plus some new faces. The touchscreen controls for smartphones are decent enough, but there"s also the option khổng lồ enable a special button for special moves just to make things a little easier.

Price: Free thử nghiệm (Android), $4.99 (iOS).In-App Purchases: Yes (Android) / No (iOS).

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Implosion: Never Lose Hope: Captivating Sci-Fi Game

This fantastic action game from Rayark is a slichồng sci-fi slash-n-shoot-em-up in which you control a mech tasked with saving humanity from a mutant plague. The first six levels of the game are free, with a one-time in-tiện ích purchase that lets you activatethe remainder of the game. This includes a large chiến dịch, side missions, và challenges that will keep you busy for hours on end.

Featuring snappy controls andsometimes violent animations, in addition khổng lồ a variety of enemies & challenging trùm fights, Implosion captivated me. The levels were designed for short play sessions (5-10 minutes), but there are a variety of special modes that add trả lời value.

Price: Free (Android) / $1.99 (iOS).In-ứng dụng purchases: Yes Android) / No (iOS).

ICEY: Offline Hack-and-Slay

On the surface, ICEY for iOS và Android is just a nice action hack-and-slashgame. The cybernetic samurai protagonist slashes, whirls, và brawls her way through a series of robotic enemies. As you run và fight through the different stages, the game delivers a satisfying beat-em-up experience, with a friendly narrator guiding you in the right direction with helpful info.

And it"s a lot of fun, too. Don"t let the straightforward presentation fool you. Early on, ICEY hints that there"s more to discover when you dig deeper. If you choose to lớn defy the narrator & follow other paths, you"ll stumble upon a hidden level & discover a fascinating story.

Price: $2.99 (Android) / $2.99 (iOS).In-App Purchases: No.

Badland: Offline game for action fans

This game is certainly not one of the newest games available, but it is still one of the favorite games ahy vọng the editorial team. Badland on both Android & iOS is an incredibly good-looking action-adventure sidescroller that impressed uswith its loving yet gloomy atmosphere.

In the game, you happen to lớn be some species of bird và have sầu lớn steer your character through a forest. Numerous dangers và traps are there khổng lồ slow down your journey. Badl& scrolls on & on, và when your bird reaches the left edge, you will restart from the last checkpoint.

In total there are more than 80 levels khổng lồ complete, but only the first 40 are không tính tiền to play. The other levels can be purchased via an in-app purchase. Conveniently, there is a multiplayer mode in which you can explore a total of 21 levels on one device with up to lớn four other players.

Price: Free, in-game ads (Android) / $0.99 (iOS).In-tiện ích purchases: Yes (Android) / No (iOS).

Limbo: Lonely through the desolation

Limbo is a platformer on bothAndroid và iOS platforms, where you control a young boy who wanders around a lonely & monochrome world, searching for his lost sister. The game is a classic indie title that has been painstakingly ported over to the Android platsize (smartphones và tablets), with its humble beginnings on iOS.

Limbo"s world is sad, creepy, & incredibly intriguing, & you"ll quickly get sucked inlớn the story. Total gaming time with this can be rather short, but definitely worth the entry price khổng lồ tư vấn a tiny indie studio. Here is a little tip to help get you started: beware of spiders!

Price: $4.99(Android) / $3.99 (iOS).In-App Purchases: No.

Does not Commute: Offline game for commuters

Does Not Commute is a mix of both racing và skill, being available on Android & iOS platforms. This is a very quality title, where each level consists of a small road network. You have control of cars, trucks, or even boats on a predetermined route - one vehicle at a time. And that"s where things get tricky: because with each additional oto, there"s more traffic on the road and you"ll encounter other road users accordingly. As vehicles follow the same exact route that you have taken before, the challenge piles up with a countdown that mercilessly edges toward zero.

Obstacles in the game create a very special feeling in Does Not Commute. It can be over very quickly, where the player misses the goal of bringing all vehicles trang chủ safely by a few seconds. And of course, you can"t let this disgrace remain. Another plus point would be the fancy graphics. There is a tiny dễ thương detail right at the end: Each cấp độ tells a little story about the different drivers you control.

Does Not Commute offers a checkpoint system, but you have lớn unloông chồng that feature via an in-ứng dụng purchase. If you really want lớn get far in the game, this is probably something that cannot be avoided, of which you will need lớn be online to vì so as well.

Price: Free of charge.In-App Purchases: Yes.

Riptide GP: Renegade: Offline game for (jet ski) racers

Riptide GPhường Renegade is a jet ski racing game for Android và iOS platforms that will keep you entertained for a long time: In a somewhat post-apocalyptic environment, you whiz through water courses that are not only peppered with many obstacles, but your opponents are also not shy to lớn make short work of you.

To be faster, you can switch on your turbo. Since turbo will not last forever, you can recharge it by performing stunts during the race. The more complex the trichồng, the more turbo energy you receive sầu. Controlling the jet ski và performingtricks are shown in a tutorial, whichalso serves as an introduction to the story.

In addition to the impressive graphics, the gameplay is also incredibly challenging: This is because you are not on solid ground, but are racing across water that requires plenty of intuition to lớn keep the jet ski under control. Challenging tracks, great graphics, and is even playable offline: What more could you want?

Price: $2.99.In-App Purchases: No.

Why vì chưng we actually need offline games?

There are situations when our smartphones are offline. For instance, we deliberately go offline because we want to lớn escape the bức xúc of social truyền thông, WhatsApp messages, news, or even work emails. The từ khóa here is digital detox. However, it is not uncommon khổng lồ encounter situations where we are offline not by choice.

Getting onto a train in the metro or subway system is one situation where it is all too common for our LTE connectivity (let alone 5G networks) lớn drop or when we want to lớn avoid bill shochồng when we return from our holidays abroad.

If you want lớn be able to lớn use your điện thoại thông minh without a data connection under such circumstances, it makes perfect sense for apps that function offline. This becomes even more important the longer you have sầu lớn go without an Internet connection.

This article will include recommendations of games that work perfectly fine offline. Bear in mind that it does not mean these titles will never access the mạng internet. Some bởi have cloud features such as Google Play or require you khổng lồ download new levels on demand.

By the way, if you use Google Play Games or Apple"s trò chơi Center and are keen on retaining your in-game achievements, you can play these titles offline without any hesitation as the next time you are connected khổng lồ the Internet, these achievements will be automatically updated accordingly.

Hot tip: Launch the game once with an mạng internet connection so that it can load all of the necessary data & information. If you"re on an airplane, you"ll need lớn remember to lớn bởi vì this before takeoff.If you"re not connected to the mạng internet, you can also launch the game, albeit without having the latest game data available.

As I mentioned, these recommendations are subjective sầu & does not make a complete các mục. There are many other games for iOS & Android that can be played offline without the need lớn go online, including games that Apple offers as part of itsApple Arcade subscription. If you know of any games that you think should be on this danh sách of offline games, let us know in the comments.

As this post is constantly updated (last updated: May 2021), comments below might seem khổng lồ be out of context. However, for the sake of completeness và fairness khổng lồ our commenters, we"ll still leave sầu them there.