ONCEs trend #RESEPCTTZUYU after noticing that TWICE thành viên Tzuyu was absent from the "#TWICE4" DVD making video that shows the process of filming the Japanese version of "MORE và MORE."

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ONCEs Trend #RESPECTTZUYU as TWICE Tzuyu is Excluded From "#TWICE4" DVD Making Video

On March 18, several Japanese ONCEs took to lớn social media to call out JYP Entertainment for excluding TWICE thành viên Tzuyu from the "#TWICE4" DVD Music video Making that shows the process of filming the Japanese version of "MORE & MORE."

Many pointed out that while Tzuyu was in the group shots, she was the only group member not to lớn get a solo shot. All the other eight members got a solo shot, and Momo got two solo shots.

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Many are enraged that JYP Entertainment allowed one member to be excluded from the video. Some even wonder if it was intentional, as Tzuyu was present in the group shots, meaning they knew that she had participated in the music video clip filming and making.


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Sadly, Tzuyu"s mother also saw the video. She took khổng lồ Twitter and revealed how dumbfounded she was over the situation. She questioned how a big company could make such a severe mistake.

Several ONCEs rallied lớn show their tư vấn for Tzuyu. One ONCE told Tzuyu"s mother, "We are so sorry you have lớn see this. We will vì everything lớn make sure JYP Entertainment fixes this."

非常傻眼⋯⋯為何???大公司竟然犯了嚴重錯誤令人不解 https://t.co/dE0JrhQmfh

— lydia (
lydia05252525) March 17, 2022

Many are demanding JYP Entertainment remedy the situation, stating that TWICE will always be nine members. In addition, many slammed the company for profiting off nine members but continued khổng lồ neglect one or more members.

People also noted that JYP Entertainment had made several mistakes concerning Tzuyu for their Japanese promotion. For example, they noted that they had misspelled her name in the past. There were also times when they would post the other eight members but excluded Tzuyu.

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As of the time of writing, JYP Entertainment has not released a statement on the matter.

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TWICE Recent Activities

On March 16, 2022, TWICE released their fourth Japanese best album, "#TWICE4."


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TWICE concluded the North American leg of their fourth world tour, "III," on February 27, 2022, in New York. They are slated to lớn continue their tour with a three-day concert in nhật bản from April 23 lớn 25.

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On December 15, TWICE physically released their ninth Japanese single, "Doughnut." The digital version was released on December 3.