You get the active keys for both Windows 10 Professional và Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus !

You will receive your code to redeem in your trương mục within minutes by eMail. In order not lớn miss out the mail, please check the spam or junk mail thư mục too!

Note: only for Windows, not for MAC. Please choose correct version.Refund is not possible after the keys have been redeemed. If you use a Mac, we recommend Office năm nhâm thìn Home và Business for Mac.


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Office 2016 Pro Plus key is aimed primarily at companies và meets even the highest expectations.

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If you buy Office năm 2016 Pro Plus,you will own Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access and Skype for Business.

Microsoft Office năm 2016 Pro Plus key:Not available in Bulgaria

Buying Office năm nhâm thìn Pro Plus key is very suitable for you as it meets all the requirements that are placed on an extensive office software.Whether you create form letters, manage figures và tables, kiến thiết presentations, create databases or want lớn organize your eMails - your professional or private projects can be done with the Office applications in no time.

Features: Easy file sharing. Improved user interface và products. Addition of new themes. Formatting even quicker. Grammar checker is also improved và quicker in comparison to lớn the previous release. Higher DPI support up to lớn 300% for your documents khổng lồ look clearer. Catchy Theme


How to lớn activate Office năm 2016 Professional Plus Key by telephone:

Step 1: Copy the tải về link that we send you via thư điện tử into mạng internet Browser.Step 2: tải về the software installation folder.Step 3: Use the setup Launcher in th folder and install Office.Step 4: Choose activation by telephone".Step 5: hotline the phone number shown on the guideline. Step 6: Follow the guideline of voice messageMore details in delivery email.


Windows 10 Professional CD-KEY (32/64 Bit) works only for Windows, not for Mac!

Please note:Windows 10 Home, Windows 7 trang chủ Basic/Premium và Windows 8.1 CoreCountrySpecific/CoreSingleLanguage/Chinese (incl. WMC) CANNOT be directly upgraded lớn Windows 10 Professional by changing hàng hóa key in Windows system. If You have these editions on you computer, you need lớn make a clean installation after purchasing Windows 10 Professional.

More information about installation you can find in delivery email.


Windows 10 Pro key is designed to lớn be compatible with the hardware, software, and peripherals you already own. & As long as you buy Windows 10 Pro key,its always-enabled updates help you stay current on features and security for the supported lifetime of your device.You will not regret buying Windows 10 Pro as it will give you absolutely the best experience for doing what you do. Stay focused with easy ways khổng lồ snap apps in place & optimize your screen space for getting things done. See your mở cửa tasks in a single view và create virtual desktops khổng lồ gain space or group things by project, lượt thích Office apps for work and games for play. Gaming just got even better with Windows 10. Not only bởi your existing games work great, but now you can play & connect with gamers across Xbox One & Windows 10 devices. From the best casual games to lớn a new generation of PC gaming, Windows 10 is built for games you love.


The Activation of the new Windows 10 Pro is very simple:

The first way:1. Download and install windows 10 Professional.2. Right-click "Start Menu", choose "System".3. Click "About", then Click "Change sản phẩm Key" or "Upgrade Your Edition of Windows".4. Click "Change product key" & Enter your Windows 10 Pro Code.

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The second way: 1. Download and install windows 10 Professional.2. Open system "Control Panel" - "All Control Panel Items" - "System", and click "Activate Windows" & "Change hàng hóa Key".3. Click "Activation" & enter your Win10 Pro key.