Download restore windows photo viewer on windows 10 & 11

Back in the day, if you wanted khổng lồ view some phokhổng lồ stored on your computer, the best phokhổng lồ viewer for Windows was the one built-in. It was aptly named Windows Photo Viewer. With time the software got old và newer third-tiệc ngọt alternatives for Windows Photo lớn Viewer started lớn pop-up. With all these options, it’s hard lớn determine the best phokhổng lồ viewer tiện ích for Windows 10.

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Microsoft also brought the new Photos ứng dụng to lớn Windows 10 (and Windows 8) that now does the job of handling all your pictures và videos, & some đoạn Clip editing on the side. So, in this các mục, we have sầu compiled some of the best Windows 10 photo viewer apps for your machine. Some of the apps mentioned in the các mục also work on older versions as well.

Best Photo lớn Viewer Apps for Windows 10

We’ve sầu listed seven different pholớn viewer apps that you can primarily use lớn view your photos on Windows 10.

1. Microsoft Photos


Movavi Photo lớn Manager is yet another great tool that can be used lớn manage your gigantic collection of photos & videos. This picture viewer for Windows 10 is available for macOS, in case, you want khổng lồ switch between Microsoft’s & Apple’s operating systems seamlessly.

This one doesn’t come for không tính tiền, và you’ll have sầu khổng lồ shell out $39.95 khổng lồ get this Windows image viewer on your machine. However, you can use the trial version lớn know if this photo management tool is worth your money.

Pros:Easy khổng lồ use user interfaceHas sorting options based on criteriaSupports various image formatsHas feature to find duplicate imagesProvides basic photo editing toolsCons:Unstable app, freezes at timesThe built-in tìm kiếm engine lacks features

Price: Paid. Plans starting at $39.95 with basic features.

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6. Nomacs

Nomacs is an excellent open-source image viewer with support for various file formats. It is quite lightweight works well on Windows 10. We highly recommkết thúc using this pholớn viewer as it is completely open-source và doesn’t display ads. It also supports chất lượng file formats such as .PSD & RAW files.

Pros:Open-source appDoesn’t display adsSupport for RAW và PSD filesLightweightCons:Confusing & complex user-interfaceLacks modern animations & looks

Price: Free

7. IrfanView

IrfanView is a popular photo viewer tiện ích, named after its creator. The app has been around for quite a while and works well on Windows 10. Being lightweight, it can easily help you view và manage all the photos on your system. The phầm mềm also offers basic tools to help you sort your images.

Pros:Lightweight appNo adsEasy to lớn useCons:Rather old looking user interfaceLacks some tools such as filters and effects

So, what’s the best phokhổng lồ viewer for Windows 10?

Now, you have seen a bunch of options that you can try out on your computer. And ideally speaking, it’s just hard to suggest a single name out of these photo viewing apps.

For instance, the built-in Photos phầm mềm provides a hassle-không tính phí experience, and Google Photos can give sầu you can comfort of cross-device experience that others can’t. Speaking of third-tiệc nhỏ photo lớn viewers for Windows, we recommover Nomacs as it’s entirely open-sourced và provides a decent package. But Apowersoft’s image viewer can also be good if you just want to lớn view photos.


Which is the fastest image viewer for Windows 10?

Over the years, Microsoft has worked hard on its Photos phầm mềm, and it has reached new heights. Microsoft Photos is probably the fasdemo image viewer for Windows 10.

Can I get Windows Pholớn Viewer for Windows 10?

Yes, Microsoft never removed it from Windows 10. Go lớn the mặc định apps settings, & phối the mặc định as Windows Pholớn Viewer for the images category.

Is there a better app than Microsoft Photos?

Yes, ever since everything has been shifting to the cloud, it is safe to assume that Google Photos is a much better alternative to access your photos from any place, from any device at any time.

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